Marina follows her passion for molecular medicine

  • Date

    Fri 23 Feb 18

Marina Lucic

From the moment she first started school in Croatia, Marina Lucic has always had a passion for biological sciences. As one of 30 women to receive our Women of the Future Scholarship, she has been able to study for her Masters in Molecular Medicine.

The scholarship scheme was created to support intelligent and inspiring women from around the world and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to empower them to become leaders and drivers of change.

Marina said winning the scholarship has changed her life. “I can focus on what I love and not have to limit myself or my resources,” she explained. “This opportunity has helped me overcome financial barriers in the way of gaining knowledge that can start an action that will hopefully trigger a revolution in medical treatment.”

She chose Essex to continue her education because, for her, the curriculum would challenge her and give her more insight and knowledge into protein chemistry and gene technology, an area of science she wishes to strengthen.

“I believe children are the most important part of humanity,” she said. “I hope I can help them by putting myself in a position to lead a research team to making unimaginable progress in finding ways to fight incurable diseases.”

The next step for Marina is to start her PhD with Essex next year.