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Term-time and Revision Applications

Term-time Short Stay

How to apply

Applications for Colchester and Southend short-stay accommodation for 2020-21 will open in April 2020, unless the current pandemic conditions remain.

If you need a room for a few days then we can offer short-stay accommodation bookings of one or more nights within our accommodation, during the spring and summer terms.

It is not possible to book any short stay accommodation that ends later than Friday 4 June 2020.

Details about which accommodation options are available and prices, are on the application form.

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Applications are now closed.

Apply for Southend

Applications are now closed

Revision and Resit Bookings

Applications for revision and resit accommodation are now closed. Information as to whether they will be available for the summer 2020-21 will be updated as soon as they are confirmed.

Summer Vacation Applications

Who can Apply for Vacation Accommodation?

Due to the current pandemic, we have had to re-prioritise our accommodation. This means that we are only able to offer summer vacation accommodation to the following student groups:

  • If you are currently living in our accommodation and are moving to private accommodation for 2020-21. You can stay until 14 September 2020 
  • If you are having to attend campus as a requirement of your course
  • If you are currently living in our accommodation and have accommodation booked with us again for 2020-21. You will stay in your summer room until your term-time room is ready
  • If you are currently living off campus but have booked our accommodation for 2020-21, however, the earliest you can move in is 30 June 2020
  • If you are on the 5 week pre-sessional course in August and have booked our accommodation for 2020-21. You will hopefully be in your term-time room already, if not we will move you when your term-time room is ready
  • If you need to self-isolate for 2 weeks on your arrival to the University, you can arrive between 17-20 September (only). We will be contacting all students pre-arrival with guidance on how to make a quarantine booking

For students who are living off campus and have tenancies that are coming to an end - if you are unable to return to your main residence or travel to your country of residence during this period, you must first contact your landlord to request an extension to your stay. If you landlord cannot accommodate an extension request, please email to discuss if we can support you further.

How to Apply


How to apply

Applications for Colchester and Southend summer vacation accommodation are now closed.

Vacation accommodation offers will be sent out from the beginning of June 2020.

Some students, such as the majority of postgraduate students and a small number of undergraduate students will have a letter of allocation to mid-September. Other students will be required to vacate their accommodation at the end of the academic year in June/July and make a vacation booking if they require accommodation over the summer.

Bookings will normally be subject to a minimum charge of three days.

All bookings will received a 20% discount.

If you require a booking that is for 29 nights or more, the tariff is set at a lower rate equivalent to the term time rent. In this case the same letting conditions apply as for students who have been resident all year, in particular, notice cannot be given once the keys are collected.

If you require a booking of 28 nights or less or you are uncertain about required dates, the short-term rate applies. In this case three days notice may be given. Any booking which commences on or after Monday 17 August 2020 will be deemed a short-term booking.

Before making a booking ensure you read the Vacation Accommodation Terms and Conditions of Residence below.

Applications can be received Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm but may not be processed immediately. If you are planning on arriving over the weekend, please apply well in advance.

Vacation accommodation Terms and Conditions of Residence.

Apply for accommodation

Applications are now closed.


Prices for vacation accommodation can be found on our Colchester and Southend pages.

In date

The last possible in date for vacation bookings is Monday 7 September 2020 (does not apply for resit bookings).

If you're living in private accommodation you won't be able to move in until Tuesday 30 June 2020. If you're currently living in University accommodation your vacation booking will start at the end of your current contract and we will let you know when your summer room is ready.

Out date

Last possible out date is Monday 14 September 2020.

End of contract

All accommodation contracts end in mid-September to allow for cleaning and essential maintenance work to be completed. There can be no extensions of accommodation beyond this time.

However, if you are in University accommodation over the summer and have accommodation the following academic year you may remain in your current room until your term-time room is ready. You are not required to make an additional booking for this, as we will invoice you for this automatically in September. You will be expected to move as soon as you are notified in order that your vacation room can be prepared for new students arriving


Graduation bookings

Accommodation available during graduation week

Applications for  Graduation accommodation are now closed.

Before making a booking ensure you read the Vacation Accommodation Terms and Conditions of Residence.

Apply for accommodation

Applications for Graduation accommodation are now closed and  not available for 2019-20.

Non-student bookings

Residential accommodation is available for let during the summer vacation to groups and individuals who are not students of the University, including accommodation for Graduation guests and family members.

You can book this accommodation through Event Essex.

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Terms and Conditions of Residence

Our terms and conditions give details of the terms of your tenancy agreement. By accepting a room when it is offered you are accepting these terms and conditions and you will be entering into a legally binding contract.

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