Why Essex?

We currently have more than 50 Japanese students studying with us here at Essex. We have a very international outlook with more than a third of our students coming from outside of the UK and over 140 nationalities represented.
Mari Nishimura
I decided to study at Essex because of the campus environment and location, the strength of the politics degree and the diversity of students. I had been interested in working for international organisations, so studying Politics and International Relations in a multi-racial society where people from different backgrounds share their various ideas just seemed right. I enjoyed the small group seminars combined with large lectures, and the availability and accessibility of professors and teaching staff, both through email and office hours. Although I personally wasn’t eager to apply for summer internships, it seemed the university was actively supporting students to gain professional skills during their academic studies. Since graduating I have obtained a Master’s degree in another country, worked for the private sector and now work for the United Nations Environment Programme, Economy Division.

Entry requirements


Previous university/college study is required in addition to local high school qualifications for our Undergraduate Bachelor degree courses. Most of our Undergraduate Bachelor degree courses will consider B4/GPA of 3.0 from the Jun-Gakushi/Senmon-shi. We accept a number of international qualifications, including the International Baccalaureate with the majority of our courses requiring a grade between 29 - 32 or above; the AP with a minimum of 3 APTs with two at 3 or above and one at 4 or above; or the SAT with the majority of our courses requiring a minimum of 1100 out of 1600 with 550 in each test.

We also offer a range of Foundation Programmes which can lead to entry to our undergraduate degrees, please visit University of Essex International College for further information.

Some courses have higher entry requirements as well as other admissions criteria. Please see individual courses for more information or email our admissions team admit@essex.ac.uk.

Postgraduate Taught

Many of our Postgraduate Taught Masters will consider applicants with a B or above from Bachelor degree (Gakushi). Some courses and departments have higher entry requirements as well as other admissions criteria. Please see individual courses for more information or email our admissions team at pgadmit@essex.ac.uk.

We also have a range of Foundation Programmes available through our partner Kaplan International Colleges if you do not meet these grades. Please visit University of Essex International College for further information.

Postgraduate Research

For entry to Research degrees, please refer to the entry requirements for the course that you are interested in. 
An undergraduate degree equivalent to a UK 2:2 (see the information above), and a master’s degree with a good grade is required for most PhD programmes, in addition to a well-developed research proposal in a field in which we can offer supervision. Please have a read through our information for PhD applicants and check the course details for your chosen programme for further information about entry criteria.


Scholarships and funding

Our Vice-Chancellor's Global Talent Scholarship is a competitive scholarship offering successful candidates a 50% tuition fee discount on their tuition fees for the first year of study. The scholarship is open to undergraduate and master's applicants. Please visit the scholarship link for further information and to access the application form. 

The undergraduate Essex Global Partner Scholarship offers a 10% tuition fee discount for each year of study for students joining us from our partner NIC International College.

Our Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship scheme offers a £4,000 tuition fee discount to postgraduate students from Japan achieving a B average or CGPA 2.5/4 at Bachelor's level.

Please visit our Scholarships pages for information about additional funding opportunities.

Our student societies

We’ve got over 100 clubs and societies at Essex, including our friendly Japanese International society, where you’ll have the chance to:

  • Share Japanese culture with other students
  • Teach the Japanese language to interested students
  • Make and enjoy Japanese food
  • Partake in society socials

Explore the Japanese International society

Join in the conversation and get to know other students with the society's Facebook page.

エセックス大では, 期待を上回る形で専門分野での興味関心を高めたり, 知識を増やすことができました. でも, それ以上に, ここでの大学院生活は, 公私に渡り, 来て良かったと感じさせてくれる素晴らしい充実したものでした.語学・言語学部は, 研究のための価値ある経験を支援してくれる, 学問に集中できる理想的な場所です. 音韻論は, 日本ではまだよく知られていない分野ですが, ここでは, 指導 指導教官や同級生たちと意見交換したり, 議論したりできました. 他にも, いろいろな教員陣やスタッフが, 学問に限らず, 苦労の多い初めての海外生活をサポートしてくれたのが有 り難かったです. 個人的には, アカデミック・ライティング (学術的な書き方)を, 大学のスキルセンターを通して適切な形式にまで改善できたのが良かったです. このセンター は、居心地の良い雰囲気の中で, 必要となるいろいろな学術技術を得られるようサポートしてくれます. 学部とサポート機関, 両方のお陰で, 音韻論を学ぶ十分な自信を得ること ができましたし, 今後、学問分野でのキャリアを積むために必要な技術面での後押しを得られました. 学問に加えて, 学生自治会のさまざまな活動はキャンパスでの生活を充実したものにしてくれました. 一番楽しんだのは, 大学のテニス部で, 週2回の練習や, 他の大学との試合 に参加しました. 私はテニスで, 勉強に関するストレスを減らすことができました. なので, 留学生活をより充実したものにするためにも, そうした自分の好きな活動に参加する することを強くお勧めします. そうした行動が, イギリス生活を本当に価値あるものにしてくれると思います. エセックスに来たら, たくさんのチャンスがあります. それらを生かすことができたら, たくさんの恩恵をエセックスから得られると思います. 私の経験から自信を持って言えること, それは, やらないといけないことは, 目の前に現れる挑戦の数々を受け入れるということ. それさえしたら, エセックス大で学ぶことは, 学びの範囲を広げ, 新しい価値を もたらしてくれるやる気に満ちたものになるでしょう.
Niikawa Tomoki

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