Colchester RA Recruitment Info Session

Curious to find out more about becoming a Residents' Assistant within the Colchester Residence Life team? Attend one of our information sessions.

On the 17th January 2022, applications open to apply to become a Residents' Assistant (RA).

Are you interested in becoming an RA or Senior RA within the Residence Life team? Becoming an RA is a great opportunity to live, earn and learn on campus. This is a role where you can make a difference, by supporting your fellow student community and being part of 'making Essex home'. Roles are available on the Colchester and Southend campuses. 

We would encourage all those interested in these flexible, part-time student-staff roles to attend one of our short, informal information session on Zoom to find out more about what the role involves, and how to make an application once the vacancy opens on 17 January. 

Colchester Information Session dates:

Date Time
Thursday 27 January 1.00pm
Tuesday 1 February 6.00pm

Join us on Zoom using Meeting ID 9920 2902 273. 

There are separate information sessions for Colchester and Southend, depending on which campus you are applying for. See all available sessions listed on the Events page. 

Find out more about Residence Life on our webpage and Facebook Page