Res Life Online Event: Who Am I?

Residents' Assistants (RAs) are hosting a number of virtual events over Zoom to help you stay connected with others this term.

  • Mon 13 Dec 21

    19:00 - 20:00

  • Online

    Zoom Meeting ID 981 5414 1994

  • Event type

    Networking or social

  • Event organiser

    Residence Life

  • Contact details

    Residence Life

Looking to meet new people and make new friends? Our online events are open to all Essex students to attend.

Everyone at some point in their life asks themselves, “Who am I?”

It’s human nature to question our existence and how we came to be here, and that is often tied directly into our own identities.

“Who Am I?” is an excellent opportunity for residents to probe their own cultural identity and background, while also giving them a platform to share that with other residents .

Join over Zoom on Monday 13 December from 7-8pm. Use Meeting ID 981 5414 1994 to join.

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