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A comprehensive and intensive programme designed to improve your professional development.

  • Mon 31 May - Fri 11 Jun 21


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Are you contemplating the next stage in your lives, after completing your studies with us? Would you like to learn from the experiences of former undergraduate, LLM and MA Essex human rights students in their efforts to find a job in the human rights field?

The Human Rights Centre Employability Fortnight offers a comprehensive and intensive programme, carefully designed to improve your professional development and your job prospects. Our events focus upon the different areas of human rights which our graduates have typically pursued and offer you an invaluable opportunity to learn from Essex alumni who were once in the same position you are all in now. 

This programme is only available to Essex Final Year Undergraduate and Postgraduate students unless stated otherwise.


Event Schedule

Wednesday 2 June: 2.00pm – 3.30pm UK BST
Working in Geneva or for a UN human rights body

Very many of our graduates have proceeded to establish careers in a Geneva-based organisation and/or a UN agency. Some of you will also be thinking of this as a potential pathway for you to follow. This first event consists of Essex human rights alumni who are strongly placed to provide invaluable advice on effective approaches for pursuing a human rights career in this area. 

Panellists: Floriane Borel, Angela Gianini, Alice Lixi, Olga Khan

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Friday 4 June: 12.30pm – 1.30pm UK BST
Working Within Government

Governments have a vitally important role to play in the protection and promotion of human rights across many different departments and areas of governance. But, what is it like working for human rights within a governmental or state setting? Many of our graduates have secured employment within their respective governments and in a variety of settings. This panel consists of Essex alumni who are applying their knowledge of human rights within government. It will be particularly beneficial to those of who you are thinking of pursuing careers in this area. 

Panellists: Nicola Brassil, Nina Gelashvili, Anne Peacock

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Friday 4 June: 2.00pm – 3.30pm UK BST
Working Within Humanitarian Sector

This session is for LLM&MA students only.

Essex has a long and proud tradition of our graduates working within the humanitarian sector for organisations such as UNHCR, the ICRC and many other such organisations and bodies. Our alumni are working both in the field and in offices within many conflict and post-conflict zones. What is this work like? How have our alumni managed to secure their careers within this challenging area? 

Panellists: Jean-Nicolas Beuze, Elena Boffelli, Hanneke Piters, Jonathan Horowitz, Vivian Ng
Chair: Dr Marina Lostal

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Wednesday 9 June: 2.00pm – 3.30pm UK BST
Working in the NGO/Civil Society Sector

NGO and civil society bodies and organisations have a vital role to play in the global defence of human rights. A very large number of our graduates have secured highly successful careers within a vast range of global, national and local organisations. Many of you will want to work within this area. This panel consists of Essex alumni who will share their experiences with you and offer advice on how to follow in their path.  

Panellists: Hans Fridlund, Monica Granados, Brian Griffey, Helen Nolan, Mohammed Osman

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Friday 11 June: 2.00pm – 3.00pm UK BST
Pursuing a PhD and an Academic Career in Human Rights 

Academia has an essential role to play in supporting both the theory and the practice of human rights, by educating new generations of human rights defenders to contribute academic expertise to state and non-state actors in their defence of human rights. Some of our graduates have proceeded to secure highly successful academic careers. How have they done this and what is required to become a human rights academic? 

Panellists: Dr Zümray Kutlu, Dr Corinne Lennox, Claire Simmons, Dr Sule Tomkinson

Chair: Dr Katya Alkhateeb

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Friday 11 June: 3.00pm – 4.00pm UK BST
Working for Philanthropic Organisations Funding Human Rights Work

Panellists: Ximena Andion, Gabriela De Luca

Chair: Judith Bueno De Mesquita

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This programme is available for Essex final year undergraduate and postgraduate students only unless stated otherwise. 

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