Res Life Activity: Let's take a break

Come join in with our range of virtual events and activities hosted by Residence Life. All students welcome to be part of our online community.

  • Sat 15 May 21

    16:00 - 17:00

  • Online

    Zoom ID: 573 1371 101

  • Event type

    Workshops, training and support

  • Event organiser

    Residence Life

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This online programme is in support of "Mental Health Awareness Week" and intends to help you manage your emotions over a busy exam period.

Join RAs Chikodi & Nashwa to destress, entertain and inform you!

Final term can be very stressful for many students, due to the amount of deadlines and exams. Therefore they want to emphasise the important of relaxation and adequate breaks, to help improve your mental and emotional state. 

Our RAs will be creating a safe platform for you to unwind and "take a break" from your studies and hopefully to improve your emotional wellbeing, by providing useful tips and tricks they have learnt over their time as students. They'll also be happy to answer any questions you may have too. 

Join Saturday 15 May at 4pm with Zoom Meeting ID 573 1371 101.

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