THINK Debate: Repairing UK Democracy

  • Wed 18 Nov 20

    19:00 - 20:30

  • Online


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    Michela Palese, Research and Policy Officer at Electoral Reform Society and Caroline Molloy, Editor at OpenDemocracy

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    Lectures, talks and seminars
    THINK Series

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    Corporate events

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    Fay Wilson

Diagnosing the main problems and challenges for UK democracy and suggesting solutions

"Illegal campaign spending, increases in hate crimes against (especially female and ethnic minority) politicians, opaque government contracts, fake news, and social media echo chambers and hidden advertising. These are just some of the threats that our UK democracy faces right now. And then there is Brexit. And Russia. And old chestnuts like the first past the post system and the voting age.    

On the brink of Brexit, we ask: Is British democracy broken? Join us as Caroline Molloy (Open Democracy) and Michela Palese (Electoral Reform Society) assess the state of UK democracy and share their thoughts about how to fix it. 


Reading List

The key readings for the this THINK debate are:

Join us on Wednesday 18 November at 7pm for our fianl virtual THINK Debate of term.

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THINK Debate: Repairing UK Democracy

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