THINK Seminar: The future of Work

  • Wed 14 Oct 20

    19:00 - 20:00

  • Online


  • Event speaker

    Professor Wayne Martin

  • Event type

    Workshops, training and support
    THINK Series

  • Event organiser

    Corporate events

  • Contact details

    Fay Wilson

A hundred years ago you would be offered a job if you could demonstrate basic arithmetic and clear handwriting. Today, it’s not so simple.

We are starting to see radical changes to employment due to artificial intelligence, remote working and increased automation.

While some of these changes are possible to anticipate, others might surprise us...

But what do we know about how employment is changing and how should we prepare for it?

Join us for the first virtual THINK seminar of term where we’ll be discussing the challenges around ‘The Future of Work’.

Join Zoom Meeting on Wednesday 14 October, 7pm.

THINK Seminar: The future of Work
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