This is Home: Revisiting organisational solidarity through a classical psychoanalytic lens

You are warmly invited to join the Management and Marketing (MM) group at the Essex Business School (EBS) as they welcome their own Professor Martyna Sliwa and Dr Bob Townley from the University of York.

  • Wed 27 May 20

    12:00 - 13:00

  • Online


  • Event speaker

    Professor Martyna Sliwa (University of Essex and Dr Bob Townley (University of York)

  • Event type

    Lectures, talks and seminars
    Management and Marketing Group Research Seminar Series

  • Event organiser

    Essex Business School

The research seminar series has five aims; to contribute to strengthen the research culture within MM and EBS; to provide an opportunity for discussing research and sharing ideas with colleagues; to encourage cross-disciplinary research and intellectual exchange; to engage in Zoom-mediated sociality with colleagues; to obtain feedback for further development of the presented paper.

Seminar abstract

Recent studies of worker solidarity draw attention to the importance of emotional bond and relationships with others as a basis for solidarity. However, they do not take into account past events, life histories, or the impact of early life trauma on people's interpretations and behaviours in the present.

This seminar will draw on empirical material gathered in an organisational context and analysed through a psychoanalytically-informed method.

This seminar will also seek to demonstrate how past trauma, relived by workers from forced migration backgrounds in the presence of organisational change and crisis, drive people towards forming solidaristic bonds with each other that are primarily aimed at the accomplishment of emotional, rather that employment-related or financial security.

Speakers bios

Professor Martyna Sliwa

Professor Martyna Sliwa is a Professor of Management and Organisational Studies at the Essex Business School at the University of Essex.

Her research interests include

  • Language and multilinguality in organisations
  • migration
  • mobility and careers
  • intersectionality
  • critical management education 

Dr Bob Townley

Dr Bob Townley is a Lecturer in Management at the York Management School at the University of York.

 Dr Townley is an experienced lecturer, researcher and evaluator, specialising in work, learning and skills, as well as;

  • diversity 
  • mental health 
  • leadership
  • organisation

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