The Unconscious and the University

A conference for undergraduate students to explore the position of the unconscious in the University.

Are you interested in the role of the unconscious within an institution? This is your chance to take part in an undergraduate conference, open to students from all Departments.

Join us as we explore the significance, value and issues of the university as an institution in general, or of University of Essex in particular. You will have an opportunity to share and situate your ‘lived’ university experiences within the fields of psychoanalysis, depth psychology, and analytic psychology. We will also consider the role of psychoanalysis across a number of different institutions, such as universities, medical schools and hospitals. Central to this discussion will be the questions of legitimacy, reputation, and validity of psychoanalytic ideas.

The conference will also feature a panel presentation, in which past and present lecturers of the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies will share their experiences and reflections of the Department’s history and developments. Panel speakers will include: 

The keynote speech will be delivered by the department’s Visiting Professor Mark Solms. Professor Solms is widely known for his contributions to neuropsychoanalysis and brain mechanisms of dreaming. He will speak about his own experiences of doing psychoanalytic research in institutions and fields that are largely within the domain of natural sciences.

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Want to take part? Here's how:

This conference is open to all undergraduates who wish to present work on its theme. The panels will be of a mixture of formats, with the option to present a short paper of 5–10 minutes, a longer paper of 20 minutes, or a research poster. We also welcome any other media of presentation participants wish to experiment with. Please indicate in your abstract proposals your preferred length and format of presentation.

To submit your abstract or discuss submission details, please contact Greta Kaluzeviciute and Max Maher.

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