Interacting with the World

Educational psychology

Learning more about how we learn

From primary education to upskilling adults, education plays a central and important role in our lives.

  • How do children and adults learn? 
  • Under what conditions is learning optimal?
  • How do emotions, interests, and personality influence the way learning takes place?
  • Why do some people learn more easily than others?
  • What is the relation between neural processes and learning (educational neuroscience)?
  • And what can teachers, parents, and peers do to support learning?

Group members aim to advance our understanding of these and other questions by integrating techniques and methodologies from experimental psychology, social psychology, cognitive (neuro)science and other related disciplines.

We are committed to producing high quality work that directly benefits society. Our work is related to other research areas such as emotion, and justice, fairness and equality.


Selected papers

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Our Research

We provide a stimulating and vibrant research environment that allows both our junior and senior faculty members, as well as our students, to successfully shape the future of our expanding research-intensive Department.

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