Promoting awareness and practice in child wellbeing

During June and July 2018, the Babylab has organised and hosted a 4-day event to establish a new multidisciplinary group of health related practitioners and researchers in developmental cognitive neuroscience.

The event included workshops, round-table discussions and training sessions held by BabyBrains ( We have also organised a “Breakfast with the experts” event with the local community, to share personal experiences as parents and improve our research and practice to support families and their children in the best possible way.

As a result of our event, we created a network that shares and promotes evidence-based practice around prenatal and postnatal mental health. By working together as a group, we aim to provide better information and support, which ultimately will result in better outcomes for children and reduce healthcare costs. Read more about our new multidisciplinary group.

Essex Babylab in the news

BBC Look East came to visit Essex Babylab!

On January 30th 2018, our very own Dr Rigato and Dr Dalvit Ménabé, founder of Babybrains, talked about infant research and its importance for parenting. Our wonderful little participant, Francesco, melted hearts on national TV! #babyscientist 

Longitudinal trajectories project completed

We are very excited to announce that we have now completed our longitudinal study!

We would like to thank again all the great little scientists and their parents who took part in this research.

It’s been an amazing experience to follow the development of these babies, who were still in their mum’s belly when they came into the lab for the first visit!

We are now very busy analysing all the data and we will update you on the findings in our next Babylab newsletter.