What we do

In the University of Essex Babylab, we study the development of perceptual and cognitive abilities in infants and children.

Our studies will help us to gain more knowledge on how typically developing children learn to perceive and act on the world around them. They will hopefully also help to shed some light on a number of developmental disorders, and have direct implication for education.

We create fun studies that help us discover:

  • the role of touch for development of self-perception and social interactions
  • the effects of prenatal and postnatal mood on infant temperament, and the benefits of attending parenting educational classes – in collaboration with Babybrains
  • how children perceive their body in the space
  • how babies learn to use their senses to understand the world
  • how their language and understanding of the world develops

If you live in or around Colchester and are interested in participating in our studies, please sign up. 

We are very grateful for your support – without participation we would not be able complete our projects and make new discoveries that may contribute to improving our understanding of cognitive and social development.

If you would like to know more about what visiting the Babylab involves, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

We are proud to be a Validated Learning Destination for Essex Children’s University

By taking part in Children’s University, we can celebrate and reward achievements in learning.
Take part in our research

We are always looking for parents interested in taking part in our studies with their babies! If you are pregnant, or have a baby or a child under 3 years old, and you are interested in taking part in our research, please sign-up today.

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Get in touch
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