From September 2019 the process by which students are supervised and assessed in placements aligns to the NMC Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment. The NMC provide a range of supporting information on their website to help clinicians and students understand the new roles and responsibilities. All healthcare professionals who are directly or indirectly involved with supporting learning for student nurses and nursing associates should be familiar with these standards.

The University of Essex work in close collaboration with practice placement providers and other universities in the region to ensure that the practice-based experiences for students, supervisors and assessors is effective, and that information to support clinicians and students is consistent.

Our Practice Placement Learning Guidelines are a reference tool to provide information on practice learning for student/apprentice nurses and nursing associates. The guidelines are designed for learners, practice partners and university staff.

Practice Placement Learning Guidelines

Practice Assessor and Supervisor roles and preparation

A Practice Supervisor is a registered healthcare professional who supports and supervises students, providing feedback on their progress towards, and achievement of, proficiencies and skills (NMC 2018). A student may work with several practice supervisors during a placement. A Practice Supervisor can be any registered practitioner (NMC, GMC, HCPC).

A Practice Assessor is a NMC registrant who conducts assessments to confirm student achievement of proficiencies and programme outcomes for practice learning (NMC 2018). The student will have one practice assessor for a placement or set of placements, who will assess the student’s progress.

In order to undertake the roles of Practice Supervisor or Practice Assessor, the NMC expect that clinicians will have been appropriately prepared. In collaboration with practice placement providers and Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) we have developed resources to prepare you for these roles.

Practice Assessor and Supervisor online update

This short, pre-recorded presentation provides key information on the supervision and assessment process for nursing & nursing associate learners, as well as an overview of the curriculum requirements. This resource is suitable for staff who are new to supervision or existing assessors who need to update themselves on the requirements of the latest curriculum.

SSSA online update

Practice Assessor and Supervisor online course

This free online course facilitates staff to explore the roles of Practice Assessor & Supervisor, and is suitable for staff who wish to undertake either role.

To access the online course Visit the course homepage by opening the links below in a new window, then carefully follow the on-screen instructions:

Practice Supervisor/Practice Assessor course

Please make sure that you have the facility to listen to audio content and are able to take screenshots and download materials as required.

Before undertaking the workshops:

  • Confirm with your employer which role you need to prepare for;
  • Confirm with your employer to evidence that you have completed the appropriate preparation;
  • Identify if there are additional requirements that your employer expects.