Essex Plant Innovation Centre

Our launch event

Three rows of people sitting on white chairs. On the right a woman wearing a pink headscarf is looking diagonally up towards something out of shot on the left hand side.

The Essex Plant Innovation Centre (EPIC) launch event saw the joining of research and industry to discuss the future in the agricultural sector.

Over forty companies and as many academics came to the launch of EPIC on 20th September 2019. We had presentations from all parts of the agri-tech industry which outlined the key challenges faced by the agricultural sector, and how agri-tech can provide solutions.

Speaking at the launch, the Director of EPIC Professor Tracy Lawson said: “The centre will provide an opportunity to explore new opportunities to engage with industry. We want our experts to interact with industries and technologists in the agricultural and horticultural sectors to address real-world problems in these areas.”

The global challenges to food agriculture which EPIC’s researchers and innovators look to address include soil health, increasing crop productivity in a changing environment as well as changes in work forces. The launch of EPIC saw the meeting of industry with our experts in the fields of plant soil microbial interactions, plant productivity, robotics, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Below you’ll find our launch report with our plans for the future as well as key academic and corporate presentations.