Start-up Hub

Hands-on help for entrepreneurs

Space, support, finance

The Start-Up Hub provides hot-desk space and hands-on business support for student and graduate start-up businesses and is located in our thriving SME community on Parkside Office Village.



The Start-Up Hub opened in January 2017 with an aim to assist student and graduate businesses and is supported by the University of Essex and Santander Universities.

It's coordinated by our employability and business teams, to help students throughout their entrepreneurship journey 360 support. Students can learn the skills needed to be successful in business, how to generate ideas for their business and come to us for help in running it.

Using the hub

We can help your business if you are:

  • An early stage innovative business
  • Beyond the research stage

You'll have access to a network of professionals and advisors experienced in exactly the issues that early-stage technology company’s face, helping your company to grow through innovation.

What's on offer

You have access to an ever-growing community of SME at your doorstep. Depending on how much support you need, our experienced team can help you model and run your business, our Start-Up Manager also offeres

  • business mentoring and support
  • vibrant, modern desk space at Parkside Office Village with access to; computers, desks, Wifi and AV
  • you can use the office as your business address – virtual tenancy
  • 'seedcorn' financing schemes
  • access to a Knowledge Gateway business accelerator fund
  • micro and crowdsourcing finance schemes
  • a community of 20+ successful SMEs on the doorstep
  • campus facilities and networking opportunities
“There’s a pathway of support that starts with attending enterprise activities, developing your business idea, formulating your plan and getting ready to launch your venture.”
Simon Mead Start-up hub manager

Growing your business

If you are looking to take your business to the next stage, but not quite sure how to develop your business model or strategy, we can help you:

  • You can get in touch with Start-Up Manager via email to see how he can help you with the next steps. Simon offers business mentoring and support via, email, in person or over the telephone
  • We've recruited 20 business managers who volunteer to mentor businesses in the hub
  • There is a network of trusted professional services companies; lawyers, accountants, bankers, patent lawyers to help support your business
  • We run a series of events designed to support the practical elements of establishing and accelerating your business. We cover everything from accounting and cash flow, to understanding the latest technology advancements, delivered in a way that helps you understand their application in your business
Get in touch
Get in touch
Simon Mead Start-Up Hub Manager
The Green House, Parkside Office Village
Knowledge Gateway, University of Essex,
Colchester Campus CO4 3ZL