Leaving home and travelling many miles to study abroad is a daunting experience. When I left India for Essex I wasn’t sure what to expect, or how I would adapt to British culture but my journey so far has shown that Essex supports Asian students every step of the way, and offers endless opportunities to make Campus feel like home.

On the 30 September, standing at the airport, I found myself rethinking my decisions, wondering if this was exactly what I wanted. All I knew was that I was determined to make the most of this year. Little did I know that Essex would indeed make it happen.

I've only been studying at Essex for a few months, but this period has been one of the best times of my life, bringing out the most confident version of myself. The Campus is a melting pot of cultures from across the globe, and the commendable acceptance of all cultures creates a welcoming environment. People of various colours and backgrounds come together here, and the diversity is both loved and cherished.

Everything under one roof Campus

The Campus itself is stunning. Late-night walks with my friends have become a cherished routine, and the scenic beauty of the Campus is incredibly calming, it has the power to fix an entire day. From the convenience of stores, bars, canteens, and study spaces to the tranquillity of the lake, the vibrancy of the theatre, and the availability of excellent accommodations, faith centre and gym facilities, the Campus provides a well-rounded and enriching experience.

We also have our Campus Cat, Pebbles, making me miss my home cat a little less.

Always ongoing opportunities

After spending two weeks at Essex, I learned about the Students' Union leadership elections and decided to participate. I ran for a position, campaigned and I became my most sociable self, interacting with numerous people. Despite being new, I received a lot of support and was elected as Asian Officer. This is just one example of the many opportunities available at Essex.

I soon found out about the Frontrunner internships and was determined not to miss the opportunity. After being selected for an interview, I successfully landed a communications frontrunner position. Essex offers a plethora of opportunities, including diverse societies, trips, events, seminars, career support, and on-Campus job counselling.

Academic excellence

I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in neuroscience, which involves a variety of academic tasks. The academic resources, labs, and professors are all excellent and supportive. I am involved in two research projects and particularly enjoy studying at the Silberrad library. I often spend late nights there completing assignments and studying for exams. The Campus is safe with security present at all times, allowing for late-night walks back to accommodations after studying. The University places a high priority on the mental health and wellbeing of students to help manage academic pressure.

Life living on Campus

As an international student coming from India, my desire was to immerse myself in Campus life by opting for on Campus accommodation. Choosing the towers turned out to be one of the best decisions I made; it's vibrant, bustling, happening, lively and obtaining accommodation was a seamless easy process.

Hostel life here feels like a second family, alleviating any initial fears of homesickness. For somebody like me who has always been a family person, moving out was scary but all this together has eased things out for me. We engage in communal activities, such as cooking together on weekends, and there's always someone hosting parties. The convenience of lecture theatres just downstairs eliminates the need for extensive travel or walk back home.

One term is already done, I feel I came yesterday and time is going so fast yet beautifully.

This experience has revealed my most self-assured, empowered and confident self. I am more open to things coming my way. I've learned to handle everything independently, embracing the art of living on my own. It is legitimately my dream life turning into reality, a real glow up and transformational.

Essex offers something for everyone, it's all about how you make the most of it. As I often say, it truly feels like a home away from home.