BSc Business Management with a Modern Language student Ramona was determined to combine her passion for business with her love for learning Spanish and this is what led her to Essex. As the treasurer of the Romanian Society, a Wellbeing Ambassador and an Essex Business School Peer Mentor, it’s no wonder that Ramona plans to continue her success at EBS by studying her masters after graduation.

Why did you choose Essex Business School?

The University of Essex was one of few UK Universities that offered a Business Management course with the opportunity to study a language alongside it. I was keen to continue my Spanish studies but I'm also passionate about business and this is where I foresee my future career. Therefore, Business Management with a Modern Language was the perfect course for me.

Ramona standing in front of plants and leaning on a wooden handrail

What are you enjoying most about your course?

The best bit about my course so far is the variety across what I learn. For example, I have already covered modules in strategy, international business environments, and organisational behaviour. I have also been working on my advanced Spanish module which has been exciting for me.

What are you most proud of in your university experience so far?

I am proud that I have managed to truly immerse myself in the Essex spirit and become a part of a large and diverse community.

I have recently been able to volunteer at the University’s Freshers’ Fair and support all the new students joining us by sharing tips and being a friendly face for them to engage with through what can be a difficult time for some students. I’m also proud to share that I have been offered the opportunity to work as a Peer Mentor for our new first-year students at Essex Business School. This role will involve helping them with any common queries, showing them around the school, and being on hand to advise them about any difficulties they might have with their first-year modules.

Have you got involved in any societies or part-time work?

I have a pretty full year this year because I have decided to join the Wellbeing Ambassadors project as a session leader. This project was set up to focus on the mental health of students at the University of Essex, within this role I will be called on throughout the year to support the Students’ Union in delivering a range of wellbeing activities and sessions on campus. I was inspired to get involved with this project as last year, I attended the weekly dog therapy sessions. Those sessions helped me get out of my comfort zone and interact with new people. I hope that by becoming a Wellbeing Ambassador, session leader myself I will continue to meet new people and also develop further personal and professional skills.

I am also currently the treasurer of the Romanian Society. Being a member of the Romanian Society last year made me integrate a lot quicker and make friends that I would probably not have met and connected with. I’m excited to see what activities the Romanian Society will get up to this year.

Working as an EBS student ambassador has also been an amazing experience, I’ve gotten to meet lovely members of the EBS marketing team like Kirstie and Emily, as well as other ambassadors like Gabby and Sandy who have become some of my closest friends here at Essex.

Finally, what are your aspirations for after graduation?

After finishing my undergraduate degree, I am planning on returning to Essex Business School to complete a Masters. I’m also focusing on getting my level of Spanish proficiency as high as it possibly can.