Are you an aspiring elite tennis athlete with dreams of conquering the international stage?

Here’s the story of a remarkable sports scholar, Rittik Anand, who is not only excelling academically but also making waves in the world of tennis as part of our growing performance tennis programme.

Rittik Anand - A Rising Tennis Star

At just 23 years old, Rittik embodies the spirit of athletic excellence. He is pursuing a Master's degree in Finance while advancing his tennis career within our performance tennis programme. Rittik's playing goals are set high as he competes on the international stage in the ITF men's world tennis tour events, relentlessly striving to secure coveted ATP world ranking points.

His impressive track record speaks volumes - an undefeated run in men's singles last season, with only a solitary loss in doubles in 2023. Currently, Rittik holds the title of the University's number one man in the team, testament to his extraordinary talent and dedication. We’re proud of his achievements and look forward to seeing where the 2023/24 season takes him.

Rome 2022 - A Triumph for Essex

Fostering tennis excellence the University of Essex proudly sent three players to Rome in 2022 to compete against opponents from universities across Europe. Among them, Rittik emerged as the champion, bringing the trophy home and describing the experience as a "momentous achievement." What made this victory all the more special was the incredible team spirit at our university, where Rittik enjoyed the unwavering support and camaraderie of his fellow athletes.

“It was a truly rewarding and an unforgettable experience that I will cherish as a highlight of my time at the University of Essex."

Joining Rittik in the ranks are fellow tennis stars Amore Castelyn and Abby Fung. Amore's remarkable journey saw her reach the semi-finals, ultimately finishing 6th overall. Abby, a fierce competitor, secured the top positions in her group. Having previously held the positions of Essex Number 1 and 2, we’re pleased to welcome back Abby and Amore to represent the University of Essex in our 2023/24 women's squad.

Strive and Thrive at Essex

“Being enrolled at the University of Essex has provided me with tremendous opportunities for learning and growth, and I feel grateful for the education I have received. Juggling my academic responsibilities with my athletic commitments has not been easy, but thanks to a well-planned schedule, I've been able to excel in both areas. I feel fortunate to have found a supportive and nurturing environment that allows me to thrive both in the classroom and on the court.”

In the heart of Essex, a dynamic combination of academic excellence and tennis prowess awaits you.

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