BSc Management and Marketing student Leila Flack graduated in 2023 with a first class degree. For Leila, she credits Essex Business School's welcoming and diverse environment for helping her thrive throughout her studies.

Student Leila in a graduation gown standing in front of a lake

What inspired you to study at Essex Business School?

I was inspired to study at the University of Essex at EBS because of the wonderful facilities that it offers, including the learning spaces and the range of different businesses courses/modules available. I had also heard through previous friends that had studied at Essex that the Students Union was one of the best features of the university, and I can agree that it definitely is. The SU really care about ensuring all students have the best possible social life while studying.

Why did you choose to study Management and Marketing?

One of the reasons I chose to study BSc Management and Marketing because it was a combined degree course. This has allowed me to gain knowledge in both the management and marketing field of business. I was also impressed by the range of modules there was to choose from in third year that were very interesting as there was a mix of both management and marketing topics, meaning you could choose to go down either route or study a combination of both.

What are you most proud of from your university experience?

I am most proud of being awarded the Deans of Excellence award two years in a row and achieving a First Class Honours overall.

What was your favourite module?

Strategic Human Resource Management was one of my favourite modules due to the course leader Dr Elaine Yerby. Not only was she excellent at teaching, but she also provided us with important career advice to assist us with our next steps in our career after graduating.

What do you love most about Essex?

The facilities and the university culture is definitely my favourite aspect. Everyone is so friendly, and it is such a warm and welcoming environment to be in. I was able to build relationships with students from all over the world and different backgrounds, which not only allowed me to develop my social skills, but also gave me the opportunity to learn about different cultures. The highlight was of course EBS, the building itself is amazing and there are so many different study areas to choose from. The food courts are an extra bonus, there is such a range of different cuisines, which matches the culture of the university.

What are your aspirations for after graduation?

Applying for graduate schemes in Marketing or Account Management. For example, I would love to work in social media and digital marketing at a large fashion company.