Essex Interns is great, low-risk way to try something out for a short period. It adds to your CV, and you get paid to do it. I would recommend it to anyone.

Before my internship, I was teaching undergraduate modules at the University and studying. I wanted to get experience working outside of academia. I anticipated that I might struggle to find a job outside of teaching unless I strengthened my CV.

I was doing a PhD in Creative Writing, so the company name “Creative Quills” alone made me feel that I had to apply. It seemed like the perfect fit. I had a good feeling about the content marketing agency from the first interview, and that has stuck with me ever since.

I actually quite enjoy the structure of working in an office. I always thought I might find it very restrictive, but it wasn’t like that. I started out writing blogs for clients and for the agency itself. As the internship progressed, I was getting more involved in strategic discussions in the business. It was exciting to see my writing published on the company website, and to know that it was going out to clients.

I have now been part of Creative Quills for three years and five months, and I was recently appointed as co-director, so it’s safe to say it has become my career! When I started my internship, I was hoping to move out of academia and start a career in business, which is exactly what I have done!

The three months of my internship gave me a lot of confidence. I always had a niggling doubt whether the skills I had acquired during my studies could be applied in a different field. Doing the internship showed me that I had a lot to offer to a business.

I would recommend Essex Interns to anyone. They are super friendly and helpful. If I could go back in time, I would have gotten in touch with them during my second Undergraduate year. I would encourage anyone who feels anxiety or uncertainty about their career to get in touch with them.