BSc Accounting and Management student, Debbie Yeboa, credits her faith with her academic success as an Essex Business School student.

"I can actually use this in real life."

BSc Accounting and Management student Debbie Yeboa strikes a pose in the Essex Business School Winter Garden.

I think my greatest struggle here at university was opening up to my friends, opening up in general actually. Previously, I was a bit closed, I didn’t know if I could trust people. But at university you kind of have to, because you don’t know anyone, you need to get out of your comfort zone and actually let people in. So I was like, “God, help me with this”, and he did. Recently I’ve been more open and more transparent with my friends, my mentors, with everyone really. In the first year I was like “don’t talk to me”, but I have been overcoming it slowly but surely. It’s getting much better and I am seeing the fruits of it.

Now I am Vice-President of the JAF (Jesus Alive Fellowship) Society. I’ve been VP for two years now, it’s like my baby. JAF has such a special place in my heart, especially in my first year. I didn’t know a lot of people, and some people invited me to JAF, it was such a homey vibe - you know, when you just go somewhere and you feel welcome. I got involved in the choir there, and I actually didn’t expect to become the VP, but here we are.

For me Essex is also somewhere where you can make family, I’ve made family here with my friends. As soon as you come there is such a welcoming spirit on campus. I really think Essex is a family, and somewhere you can call home.

One part that I really love is the support, even just from your lecturers as well. I tell my friends that I can just go and talk to them outside of office hours, about the degree, career prospects.

I am currently studying BSc Accounting and Management. This year, I had a module called Leadership and Organisations. We have an exam question about our own Leadership experiences linking it to the module, and obviously, because I am the Vice President of a society, it all interlinks so well. That would have to be my favourite module this year just because of how practical it is. I was telling my lecturer the other day that this module makes sense; I can actually use this in real life.