BSc Management and Marketing student, Natasha Ezeh, undertook a Digital Marketing Assistant Frontrunner position with the Essex Business School Marketing Team during the Spring term of academic year 2021-22. This is her story.

"Hi, my name is Natasha and my Frontrunner role was Digital Marketing Assistant at Essex Business School last Spring Term!"

BSc Management and Marketing student, Natasha Ezeh, stands outside the Essex Business School building on a busy and sunny day.

I currently study BSc Management and Marketing with a Placement Year and I am hoping that the Frontrunner position will help me achieve my goal of owning my own digital marketing company.

My Essex journey so far has been adventurous to say the least and I’m excited to see what the next three years bring.

My project as a Digital Marketing Assistant for the Essex Business School Marketing and Student Recruitment Team was running the "student voice" project. This included running student interviews, doing social media takeovers and creating social media content to support the marketing and recruitment aims of the business school.

Tell us why you chose to study management and marketing at Essex?

In high school I studied Business BTEC and Sociology however, these were not my initial choices, but I had to change from economics, RE and sociology to business BTEC and sociology as I did not receive grades to do Economics in sixth form. I was devastated but I had no idea that this change would be so beneficial to my life.

Once I started my new subjects in sixth form, I started to grow fond of the layout of the Business BTEC course and this made me realise that maybe this is the subject for me.

Within the business BTEC, I was exposed to many challenges and expected to meet deadlines within the course. I did units such as event management and marketing planning which allowed me to gain an insight through the business BTEC into the real world.

Doing business BTEC pushed me to choose a business-related course to study at university and funny enough I decided to choose business management as my subject to study as I believed that's I wanted.

The reason I chose BSc Management and Marketing is because I released that I’m truly interested in the marketing world, especially the digital marketing aspect of it. During my secondary school years, I developed an interest in helping my friends become influencers on social media.

Once I entered my last year of sixth form, I started to look at university options and it was time to send in UCAS applications. Like many other students I was worried about my university choices as I had no clue about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to even study. I was lucky enough that I had a useful student advisor who helped me realise that the University of Essex was the best place for me to study.

When I was looking at university choices, I was looking for somewhere which wasn’t too far away from home as I live in London and a place which would be diverse and inclusive. When speaking to my university advisor she told me all the exciting things about the University of Essex. Essex ticked many boxes for me and one of the many things that I loved about Essex was that the campus had that mini town feel about it. As on campus we have mini supermarkets, post office and even a club. its crazy to think that you don’t even need to leave campus to get any daily supplies as its only a few minutes away.