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International Summer School

Meet the world in one place at Essex

Cancellation update:

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic our 2020 International Summer School has been cancelled. For more information on refunds please contact intsummerschool@essex.ac.uk. Many thanks to everyone who applied and we hope to welcome you on one of our future summer schools.

Details of the 2021 summer school will be announced later in the year. This exciting two-week programme combines high-quality teaching with a programme of social activities and excursions allowing you to experience the best of British culture and history. 

You'll be joining one of the most internationally diverse universities on the planet giving you the chance to develop your international communication skills and make friends with students from all over the world.

Summer School courses

Whether you wish to develop data science skills, enhance your understanding of international business, or improve your English communication skills, our range of summer programmes will build your subject knowledge and help you acquire practical new skills.

Subjects on offer

Applied Economics

Learn how economic data analysis can be applied to help solve real-world problems. This practical course will help you build technical and analytical skills to test data and interpret results both statistically and economically.

You will learn the main sources of economic data, how to construct and interpret graphs, as well as how to construct summary statistics. The course will introduce you to a range of widely used computational packages and, using examples from real datasets, will help you build confidence in reading, understanding and manipulating data to address real-world economic problems.

This course is delivered by the Department of Economics.

English Language, Culture and History

This innovative English language course will improve your communication skills while helping you learn more about life, culture and history in the UK. Taking a communicative approach, this course will help you build fluency and confidence in using English in real-life situations.

You will also learn about everyday life in the UK, and study topics related to British culture and history. 

This course is delivered by the Department of Language and Linguistics.

Hospitality Management: Food and Beverage

You will develop an understanding of gastronomy, current trends in food and beverage and how culture, societal expectations and consumer demands influence the food and beverage offerings of events, restaurants, hotels and other food establishments.

You will gain insight into food and beverage commodities, how they are created and used, as well as the processes used in the sourcing, purchasing, production and service of food and beverage within the events and hospitality industry. You will also evaluate the financial, operational and nutritional tools commonly used in the food and beverage sector, as well as designing a viable, conceptual food and beverage offering.

This course is delivered by our Edge Hotel School.

Innovation and Strategic Marketing

During your two weeks with Essex Business School you will explore key concepts and issues within the areas of management, marketing, and innovation. You will gain a good understanding of the importance and impact of innovation and marketing practices in creating successful organisations, exploring relevant trending topics. This will advance your knowledge of key strategies for achieving competitive advantage.

You will also participate in group activities and business challenges to put your skills and knowledge to the test.

This course is delivered by Essex Business School.

International Commercial and Business Law

This course will expand your knowledge of a range of exciting and complex areas of law related to the governance of UK, European and international commercial markets.

You will learn to think globally and gain an awareness of how contemporary developments and debates are shaping the regulation of international business in fields including banking and financial law, commercial dispute resolution, competition law, corporate responsibility, maritime law and trade law.

You will also have the chance to apply your new knowledge and develop your analytical, evaluation and problem-solving skills. During your two weeks with the School of Law you will hone your debating skills and gain experience of building and presenting persuasive arguments.

This course is delivered by the School of Law.

Python for Data Science

Interested in building your data science skill set? This course will introduce you to Python, the programming language of choice for data science and analytics professionals.

Python is a powerful tool which helps its users bring speed, versatility and efficiency to data science. Students will learn how to use Pandas for data analysis, gain experience of NumPy for processing numerical data, as well as practise plotting and visualization.

The second week of the course will include a focus on applications of Python for machine learning. Students will undertake their own data science project and develop skills which will be helpful in a future data science career.

This course is delivered by the Institute for Analytics and Data Science.

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