Project management framework

We have an approved project management framework (PMF). This sets out the processes, tools and templates for proposing, approving, implementing and closing strategic projects.

Projects the framework applies to

The framework applies to major projects that are referred to as “strategically important”. Due to the size and the impact of these projects, they need to be overseen at a senior level by the Project Coordination Group (PCG).

Even if your project sits outside the framework, you can still use the templates, guidance and support materials we have created, and you are welcome to come and discuss your project with the Strategic Projects Office if you need help - email

Why we have a project management framework

The framework provides the University with a consistent approach to how we govern strategically important projects. It also:

  • provides common standards and requirements
  • establishes common terminology (shared understanding)
  • assists with sharing information and understanding of best practices for planning and managing different kinds of projects
  • standardises information
  • improves the management of projects

With a wide range of complex, high value, innovative and transformational projects underway across Essex, there is even greater reliance on the framework to lay the foundation for robust governance structures. In simple terms, decision makers need the right information, presented in the right way and at the right time to make effective decisions.

Project lifecycle stages 

Governance process for strategic projects

  1. Project idea
  2. Create project mandate
  3. Committee decision on project mandate (approve/endorse/reject/refer)
  4. Create business case
  5. Committee decision on business case (approve/endorse/reject/refer)
  6. Create regular progress reports and change control form if required
  7. Create closure report
  8. Committee decision on project closure report (approve/refer)
  9. Create and submit to committee post-implementation report
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