Stage 4: Business as usual and benefits realisation

The purpose of this phase is to handover the project to the business users and to close the project. During this stage all lessons learnt should be captured and shared to promote a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

To ensure the University realises and maximises the benefits from all completed projects, a plan of the process for ongoing tracking and realisation of benefits will need to be agreed with the relevant business users/stakeholders.

Project Closure Report

The Closure Report will need to consider:

  • the lessons learnt in relation to the execution and delivery of the project
  • a plan for the ongoing process of benefits realisation
  • how the results of the project are being effectively embedded within the University as business as usual
  • appropriate scheduling of a post-implementation review

Gate 3: Approval of project closure

Following the completion of a project, the Project Manager is required to complete a project closure report.

The Project Sponsor is required to sign off the report prior to its submission to the Strategic Planning and Change Section (SPCS) via

SPCS will arrange for the project closure reports to be considered at the relevant sub-group of PCG.

The sub-groups of PCG will review all submitted project closure reports in order to identify any issues or concerns relating to the embedding of the project’s outcome within the University’s business. Where a sub-group identifies actual or potential issues in this area it will seek further clarification before the project closure report is submitted to PCG.

The role of PCG is to consider project closure reports to ensure that benefits realisation is taking place; that any generic policy issues are identified and addressed; and, taking into account any issues raised by its sub-groups, that the outcomes of projects are being effectively embedded into normal University business.

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