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Our Admissions team are responsible for the maintenance, support and advancement of substantial aspects of the University’s in-house Admissions software.

The team writes and maintains software for the processing of Undergraduate UCAS, Undergraduate Direct Admissions and Postgraduate applicants. This spans from the initial data-loads of applicant information through to the decision-making processes and creation of supporting documentation in the form of emails and letters. In addition, the team has responsibility for software that enables the processing of applicants requiring a Student Visa, utilizing data-feeds with the Home Office. The team also provide substantial logistical support for Clearing.

The services supported by the team are:

  • ESIS – Admissions Processing
  • Electronic Document System (EDS)
  • Applicant Management Processing (AMP)
  • CAS XML Exporter and Generator
  • DA data load
  • PG Apply data load
  • EIC data load
  • Clearing Course Finder Admin

Student Systems

The Student Systems team develops and maintains the University’s central student records system and, where appropriate, data feeds to other satellite systems.

Some of our customer facing systems include:

  • Online Registration (OLR)
  • Graduation Booking (GRAD)
  • Alumni Document Ordering
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Curriculum Update Essex (CUE)
  • Results Processing System (RPS)

Our main legacy systems are written using Uniface technology and there is a rolling program of transitioning these to more modern Microsoft technology. We liaise closely with our customer base in order to understand requirements and handle everything from analysis, development, testing and maintenance.

Learning Systems

The Learning Systems team looks after the development, maintenance, and administration of the University’s learning technologies. This includes:

SharePoint Applications

We use SharePoint (and related systems) for the production, distribution and online storage of automated electronic documents, and digitized documents, for students and applicants. We are also responsible for the Collagen Workflow System (online forms with workflows), and for maintenance/administration of the University's SharePoint platforms.

Key systems include:

  • Electronic Student Files (ESF)
  • Electronic Case Files (ECF)
  • Electronic Applicant Files (PG EAF / UG EAF)
  • Online Agent Services (AOS)
  • Collagen Workflow Forms
  • SharePoint Intranet (
  • SharePoint Online
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Web Applications 

Web Applications team (WAT) builds and maintains a vast array of student-facing and internal web systems, examples of which include: student module enrolment (eNROL), exam results, the Applicant Portal, Module Directory, and the extenuating circumstances system, amongst many others.

The Web Applications Team Leader also administers the web servers, and the team houses a Database Administrator and Data Integration specialist.

Enterprise Data

The Enterprise Data team is a crucial component of the University's information management and infrastructure. They play a vital role in supporting the University's excellence in education and research, as well as ensuring the smooth operation of all aspects of its administration. The team is responsible for maintaining the availability, integrity, and security of the University's information assets, which are vital to the effective operation of these systems. The University's technical infrastructure is constantly evolving, and the Enterprise Data team plays a critical role in keeping up to speed with latest developments in information asset management and optimizing the University's data assets.

Key areas supported by the team are:

  • Tableau
  • Data warehouse
  • Statutory data returns
  • Data sources for KPIs
  • Student number model
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