Training and development webinars

A range of webinars are available for members of our community to maintain a focus towards their professional development. These include developing an understanding of how to use webinars, how to work remotely in an effective and sustainable way, how to maintain wellbeing during this extraordinary time and ways to sustain engagement with your own continuous professional development. All scheduled and intended webinars are summarised below with links to book where possible. Once you have attended these webinars, your personal learning record on HR Organiser will be updated.

Wellbeing webinars

  • Building Resilience During Periods of Change (60 mins).
  • Healthy Back Class A 40-minute class devoted to back and spine health, working on both strength and flexibility to support you throughout your time working from home.
  • Yoga Class This 40-minute class begins with breathing techniques to allow the mind to settle and the muscles to relax and lengthen. The focus is to gain strength and flexibility primarily for posture. Targeting the neck, shoulders, hip flexors, hamstrings and working the posterior oblique sling.
  • Managing Anxiety when Returning to Campus (1 hour).

We also have a range of recorded Wellbeing Webinars available on our Wellbeing Directory on Moodle. These include reducing stress, anxiety, learning relaxation techniques and improving sleep.

Continuous Professional Development

Before your webinar starts

It is a good idea to install the Zoom software well before attending one of these online training sessions. Most desktop PCs on campus already have Zoom installed.

If you are using your own device, we recommended you install Zoom and the Outlook plugin (both PCs and Macs are supported).

You can also install the Zoom app on your mobile phone (or tablet) – go to the relevant App store to find it. Chromebook users should install the Zoom Chromebook extension.

Note: Use your university credentials - SSO (single sign-on) if prompted to sign in to Zoom after installing.

Joining a webinar

Joining a webinar is easy. Simply click on the unique link that was emailed to you by Zoom.

Note: If using a Chromebook you may be prompted to install a browser extension (if you haven't done so already).


Are you having technical difficulties when installing or using the Zoom software? Do you need a webcam, headset, or a microphone? All support requests related to Zoom webinars, both technical and pedagogical, should be sent to

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