Activities health and safety

If you're taking part in an activity on or off campus, this guidance and practical safety advice will help you organise activities, support your decision-making process and provide guidance on how to complete risk assessments.

Driving for work

Driving can be a very hazardous activity, so it is vital suitable systems are in place to ensure you are safe whilst driving for work.

Event safety

If you are the event organiser you are responsible for ensuring that appropriate health and safety precautions are in place.

Field trips and off-site visits

This guidance assists staff responsible for organising field trips to ensure appropriate arrangements for health and safety are in place.

Flying small unmanned aircraft (SUA)

This guidance covers the flying of small unmanned aircraft (eg. drones or model aircraft) on the University’s campuses.

Lifting and carrying (manual handling)

The University is required to ensure the safety of those involved in manual handling, such as lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling or carrying.

Lone working health and safety

Work that includes elements of lone working needs to be risk assessed and steps taken to eliminate or control the risks where necessary.

Overseas travel health and safety

The University has a duty of care to all staff and students who wish to travel overseas.

Student placement health and safety

The University has a duty of care to its students when travelling and studying/researching/working both in the UK and abroad.

Student Social Action Projects

Risk assessments for off-campus Student Social Action Projects.

Working at height

Work at height needs to be properly planned, risk assessed, carried out by competent people and the right equipment used.