Cyber security

Find out how to stay secure online and protect yourself from scams and fraud.

Report a cyber security incident

Here's how you can report a cyber security incident or scam:

Incident What to do
Loss of University information

Report a data breach

Received a scam email

Forward the email to and we also recommend you report it to Action Fraud

Received a scam text or call Report it to Ofcom
If your Essex IT account is compromised

Prevent scams and fraud

The University is regularly targeted by scams so it's important you know how to prevent them.

We recommend you create a personal Cyber Action Plan from the National Cyber Security Centre website (2-3 minutes to complete).

Cyber security training

Sign up for free cyber security training by Cyber Griffin.

Cyber Griffin, founded by the City of London Police, provide free, bitesize cyber security briefings delivered by active police officers to teach you ways to defend yourself against the most common cyber attacks. They're non-technical and suitable for everyone.

Information security

It’s important you know how to work with information and data securely. Information security is everyone’s responsibility, and data loss can lead to fines or reputational damage for the University.

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