Your staff IT account

Your username and password give you access to most University IT services. You must not share your password with anyone.


Staff IT accounts are linked to your employee HR record.

To be eligible for an IT account, you need to be registered as a full time or part time employee on the University’s HR system and must have signed a contract of employment.

Get your IT account details

You can get your account details online. You'll need your staff PRID to start the online form - if you don't know what your PRID is please email

You may also need to sign up to the IT Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) if you haven't already done so - the form will tell you if you have.

Your password

You should change your password immediately if you've just got your account. After that you'll need to change your password once a year - we'll email you reminders.

Your external email address, passphrase and security question

If you create a passphrase, security question and answer, and provide us with an alternative email address, you can reset your password online.

Closure of IT accounts

For guidance on when your account will close and what to do before it closes, see leaving the University for staff members.

Reopen an IT account

Accounts can only be reopened if you have an ongoing affiliation with the University.

If you return to the University within 100 days of leaving, your IT account will be reactivated and any data you previously had saved will still be present. After 100 days, any data will have been irretrievably deleted.

If you believe your account has been wrongly closed you should email

We trust the information given to us from the HR and Registry systems, and the closing and reopening of accounts happens automatically. IT Services will not manually reopen an account.

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