Box file storage and collaboration

With Box, you can create and share files and folders online and collaborate with others both inside and outside the University. Files in Box can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Getting started


  • Storage space. Everyone gets a 1 TB MyBox folder for personal storage. Staff get unlimited departmental storage space. Individual file size limit is set to 15 GB.
  • Collaboration. Invite anyone to view, edit and upload files with options for real-time and offline editing. Box automatically saves files, and offers options for version history.
  • Easy access. Upload and access files via the web interface or via BoxDrive, anytime and anywhere.

Box Drive app for desktops

Box Drive is an app you can install on your desktop to easily access your files in Box through Windows Explorer or Finder - just as if they were stored on your desktop.

You can store an unlimited number of files from your desktop without needing to take up much of your actual hard disk space. Any changes you make will automatically save back to Box.

Using Box

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