Specialist safety help and advice

We have specialists who give advice on the use of ionising radiation ionising radiation, non-ionising radiation non-ionising radiation, noise and vibration and biological safetybiological safetybiological safety. The University also has sub-committees for ionising radiation and non-ionising radiation.

University specialist safety advisers and officers

  • University Biological Safety Adviser (UBSA) Dr David Knight
  • University Biological Safety Adviser (UBSA) Caroline Smith
  • University Ionising Radiation Protection Adviser, Suffolk Radiation Protection Services
    Mr Niall Higbee, contact via UIRPO
  • University Ionising Radiation Protection Officer (UIRPO) Caroline Smith
  • University Non-Ionising Radiation Protection Adviser (UNIRPA) Caroline Smith
  • Noise and vibration advice Adam Woodhouse

Department biological safety officer (DBSO)

Department ionising radiation protection supervisors (DIRPS)

Department non-ionising radiation protection advisers (DNIRPA)

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