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Professor Diane Elson

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I am now an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Sociology, enjoying a very busy ‘retirement’ as chair of the UK Women’s Budget Group, a voluntary network of researchers, trade unionists and feminist activists that analyses the impact of UK government budgets on gender equality and low income women (see www.wbg.org.uk ). In addition, I advise UN Women and am a member of the UN Committee for Development Policy. I continue to research and publish, with a focus on fiscal policy, gender equality and human rights; and enjoy interacting with feminist scholars in Scotland, as Visiting Professor in the Women in Scotland’s Economy Research Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Diane Elson, with Dr Devaki Jain, H.E. Zanele Mbeki and Dr Winnie Byanyima, at a UNDP Expert Group Meeting on Gender Equality, Poverty and Economic Growth, Wivenhoe House Hotel, 21st June 2007.

In 2006, I was named as one of fifty key thinkers on development in a book, see David Simon, Fifty Key Thinkers in Development, Routledge, London.


BA (Oxford) PhD (Manchester)

Teaching responsibilities

Current PhD students:

L. Colinas (part-time, 2010…) Tackling intergenerational poverty and inequality; experiences of indigenous women and men in Chiapas, Mexico.


Publications Since 2010:

'Commerce international, egalite des sexes et advantage competitif’, in H. Hirata (ed) Le Genre au Coeur de la Mondialisation, Presses de la Fondation Nationales de Science, Paris, 2010.

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with Radhika Balakrishnan and James Heintz), 'Public Finance, Maximum Available Resources and Human Rights' in Colin Harvey, Aoife Nolan and Rory O'Connell ( eds) Human Rights and Public Finance: Budget Analysis and the Advancement of Economic and Social Rights. Hart Publishing, Oxford. 2013.

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(with R. Pearson) ‘Transcending the impact of the financial crisis in the United Kingdom: towards plan F- a feminist economic strategy’, Feminist Review, 109, 8-30, 2015.

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