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Organisational Change Management 

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Organisational Change Management
2 days
14-15 Sept 2023
Colchester Campus, Essex Business School
Dr Danielle Tucker


This course is designed to encourage participants to think and reflect upon the nature of change in their organisations. Participants will explore the process and consequences of introducing change in organisations while recognising the complexity inherent in changing organisations.

Course content highlights

  • Understanding the drivers and context of organisational change
  • A model for implementing planned change
  • Understanding resistance to change
  • How to communicate change to organisational members.


  • To provide an introduction to understanding and managing change in organisations
  • To understand the resources, activities and strategies needed to facilitate change
  • To understand barriers to change and develop strategies to overcome these
  • To develop an engaged workforce who are innovative and creative when implementing change

Who should attend

The programme is best suited for mid-level managers in organisations who are tasked with managing change within their work. The programmes would be equally useful to those who are employed in change programmes or project management roles, or general managers in an organisation where they will play a key role in managing forthcoming change.

Due to the programme team’s research expertise, the programme would be particularly valuable to managers in the public sector, where change is constant and often driven by both external and internal pressures.

Accreditation and professional recognition

Upon the successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of Certificate of Completion in Organisational Change Management from Essex Business School, University of Essex.


All sessions will be delivered in a live “in-class” environment. There will be material provided prior to the sessions to enhance learning and increase the quality of the discourse in the classroom. Sessions will be devoted to “hands-on” learning through interactive discussions and exercises.

Our expert staff

Dr Danielle Tucker

Dr Danielle Tucker is a Reader in Management at the University of Essex. Her research interests focus on evaluating complex change management initiatives for public sector organisations (including Police, Local Authority, Local Government, NHS Trusts and health and social care providers). Specifically, she has published research on the interpretation of communication during organisational change, and the use of organisational change agents and middle managers to facilitate change. She is particularly interested in the flow of information and ideas across boundaries, partnership working and collaboration arrangements (e.g. integrated care)

Danielle's work draws upon the literature of organisation studies, public management, strategic management and organisational psychology. She favours a multidisciplinary approach to research. She has over 10 years experience of both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods.

Danielle is an Academic Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Module Outline

The course consists of 4 sessions each day, each session is about 1.5 hours in duration.

Day 1

Session Topic Description
Session 1 and 2 Understanding drivers of organisational change In this session, we will discuss the reasons why organisations change and understand the internal and external drivers of change. In this session, we will help you to assess the context of your organisation. We will guide you through an environment scanning exercise to identify enablers and barriers to change in your context. We will perform a stakeholder analysis to identify key groups who need to be involved in change in your organisation.
Session 3 and 4 Planning for change in your organisation

We will take a look at some models of planned change in organisations and consider what a planned change might look like in your organisation. We will examine the stages of change and some of the barriers to overcome at each stage.

In this session, we will help you to develop an action plan for adequately resourcing change and creating change readiness in your organisation.

Day 2

Session Topic Description
Session 1 and 2 Understanding resistance to change In this session, we will examine the different ways that employees may react to change. We will understand why employees resist change and how we might mitigate or harness that resistance to serve the organisation.
This session will include an interactive exercise where participants will role-play being change recipients or middle managers in a large organisational change to help them understand what it’s like to experience change.
Session 3 and 4 Developing an employee engagement plan for your organisation We will examine structured and unstructured ways to communicate with organisational members throughout the change process to improve engagement and creativity.

Where to find us?

Our Colchester Campus is located two miles from the historic city of Colchester – England's oldest recorded settlement and just one hour by train from London.

Essex Business School can be found on the edge of the campus nearby our iconic North Towers Student accommodation

Detailed information on how to get here including general travel information and parking can be found on our visitor web pages.

How to book

The cost of this course is £1500 including access to all programmes materials, refreshments and lunch.

Payment should be made in full at the time of applying.

Registration for this course is now closed.

Please be aware that attendees will need to source their own accommodation for the duration of the course should they be travelling to attend. Onsite accommodation can be booked via Wivenhoe House Hotel or Event Essex. Alternatively, there are a range of local hotels nearby too.