Dr Xiaoyu Xia

Senior Lecturer
Department of Economics
Dr Xiaoyu Xia


Journal articles (8)

Xia, X. and Chong, JK., (2022). No Magic for Market Entry in the Field: Evidence from Taxi Markets. Management Science. 68 (6), 4670-4684

Xia, X. and Feng, S., (2022). Heterogeneous firm responses to increases in high-skilled workers: Evidence from China's college enrollment expansion. China Economic Review. 73, 101791-101791

Guo, N., Xia, X. and Zhang, J., (2022). A matching model of co-residence with a family network: Empirical evidence from China. The Economic Journal. 132 (648), 2873-2917

Song, Y., Tomoeda, K. and Xia, X., (2020). Sophistication and Cautiousness in College Applications

Herrenbrueck, L., Xia, X., Eastwick, P. and Hui, CM., (2018). Smart-dating in speed-dating: How a simple Search model can explain matching decisions. European Economic Review. 106, 54-76

Ho, T-H., Lim, N., Reza, S. and Xia, X., (2017). Causal Inference Models in Operations Management. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management. 19 (4), 509-525

Ho, T-H., Chong, JK. and Xia, X., (2017). Yellow taxis have fewer accidents than blue taxis because yellow is more visible than blue. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 114 (12), 3074-3078

Xia, X., (2016). Forming wage expectations through learning: Evidence from college major choices. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 132, 176-196

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