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Professor Matthew Woollard

Director of UK Data Archive
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Professor Matthew Woollard
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Journal articles (18)

Boyd, A., Woollard, M., Macleod, J. and Park, A., (2018). The destruction of the ‘Windrush’ disembarkation cards: a lost opportunity and the (re)emergence of Data Protection regulation as a threat to longitudinal research. Wellcome Open Research. 2018 (3), 112-112

Boyd, A., Woollard, M., Macleod, J. and Park, A., (2018). The destruction of the 'Windrush' disembarkation cards: a lost opportunity and the (re)emergence of Data Protection regulation as a threat to longitudinal research.. Wellcome open research. 3, 112-

Grover, C., Tobin, R., Byrne, K., Woollard, M., Reid, J., Dunn, S. and Ball, J., (2010). Use of the Edinburgh geoparser for georeferencing digitized historical collections. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences. 368 (1925), 3875-3889

Razzell, P., Spence, C. and Woollard, M., (2010). The evaluation of Bedfordshire burial registration, 1538-1851. Local Population Studies (84), 31-54

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Mills, D., Wheeler, R. and Woollard, M., (2007). Some comparative perspectives on two early-Victorian registrars of births and deaths in rural Lincolnshire in the context of national legislation. Local Population Studies (79), 8-22

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Roberts, E., Ruggles, S., Dillon, LY., Gardarsdóttir, Ó., Oldervoll, J., Thorvaldsen, G. and Woollard, M., (2003). The North Atlantic Population Project An Overview. Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History. 36 (2), 80-88

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Woollard, M., (1997). "Shooting the Nets": A Note on the Reliability of the 1881 Census Enumerators' Books. Local Population Studies (59), 54-57

Books (1)

Corti, L., Van den Eynden, V., Bishop, E. and Woollard, M., (2014). Managing and Sharing Research Data: A Guide to Good Practice. Sage Publications Ltd.. 1526460262. 9781446267264

Book chapters (3)

Woollard, M. and Moody, V., (2019). UK Data Service: Impact-Driven Approach to Service Delivery. In: Stay Tuned to the Future. Impact of Research Infrastructures for Social Sciences and Humanities. Editors: Maegaard, B., Pozzo, R., Melloni, A. and Woollard, M., . Leo Olschki Editore. 43- 62. 9788822266439

Woollard, M., (2014). Administrative Data: Problems and Benefits. A perspective from the United Kingdom. In: European Research Infrastructures for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Editors: Du?a, A., Nelle, D., Stock, G. and Wagner, GG., . SCIVERO Verlag. 49- 61. 978-3-944417-03-5

Woollard, M. and Corti, L., (2013). Case study 4: a national solution - the UK Data Service. In: Delivering Research Data Management Services: Fundamentals of good practice. Editors: Pryor, G., Jones, S. and Whyte, A., . Facet Publishing. 9781856049337

Reports and Papers (7)

Van den Eynden, V., Corti, L., Woollard, M., Bishop, L. and Horton, L., (2011). Managing and Sharing Data; a best practice guide for researchers

Beagrie, N., Lavoie, B. and Woollard, M., (2010). Keeping Research Data Safe 2: Final Report

Woollard, M., (2009). Keeing Research Data Safe II (KRDS) Final Report

Franklin, T. and Woollard, M., (2007). Online Historical Population Reports (OHPS) Final Report

Woollard, M. and Foster, J., (2007). Social Scientific Research Materials at The National Archives Final Report

Woollard, M., (2006). Academic and Technical Reviews of Historical Digital Resources (AHRC ICT) Review Final Report

Beedham, H. and Missen, J., (2003). Full Report for geoXwalk Phase II project

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Energy Consumption Data Access for SENS Competition

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


Prof. Woollard to join team reviewing proposals for a national research data infrastructure (NFDI) to be established by the German federal and state governments

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