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Professor Michael Wilson
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Research interests centred mainly on transient kinetic studies of enzyme systems with particular reference to the application of fast reaction techniques to the problems of ligand binding and electron transfer in native cytochromes, chemically modified cytochromes, haemoglobins and some copper containing proteins. These interests have recently expanded to include aspects of "oxidative stress" with particular reference to studies of protein-based radicals. We have used EPR spectroscopy to monitor and quantify these radicals and study their reactivity.

Teaching and supervision

Previous supervision

Abdu Alayash
Abdu Alayash
Thesis title: The Biochemistry of Hemoglobin-Based Blood Substitutes
Degree subject: Biochemistry
Degree type: Doctor of Science
Awarded date: 6/10/2010


Journal articles (53)

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Book chapters (1)

Hough, MA., Silkstone, G., Worrall, JAR. and Wilson, MT., (2014). NO Binding to the Proapoptotic Cytochrome c?Cardiolipin Complex. In: Nitric Oxide. Editors: Litwack, G., . Elsevier. 193- 209. 978-0-12-800254-4

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