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For 30 years I have taught, researched, published and advised in the areas of UK, EU and global consumer and contract law; commercial law; sales law; food law; digital content law; services of general interest; financial services law; and unfair terms and practices law. I have worked at Essex since 2011, before which I taught at the Universities of De Montfort, Warwick, Brunel and Oxford Brookes. I am a Visiting Professor at the University of Udine in Italy; and also have close research links in Australia, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, the Middle East, the Netherlands and Serbia. I regularly conduct studies and research reports and advise on law reform for the UK government, the EU and other bodies, e.g. I worked closely with the UK government on the recent Consumer Rights Act and I was one of the authors of the recent Fitness Check of EU Consumer and Marketing Law, a report carried out for the European Commission which has led the Commission to propose a variety of law reforms. Between 2014-2017 I served as a Council Member of the consumer organisation Which?


  • LL.B (Hons)

  • PhD

  • Certificate in Curriculum Development (Higher Education).

Research and professional activities

Research interests

UK, EU and global consumer and contract law

commercial law

services of general interest

unfair terms and practices law

quality and safety of goods and services

financial services

digital content law

Current research

major legislative reform of UK consumer law

reform of UK and EU financial services law

the values and ethics of UK and EU consumer law

global regulation of light pollution

Conferences and presentations

The Domestic Battle Between Information and Substantive Rights, Consumer Protection Conference, Exeter, December 2012

Exeter, United Kingdom, 2012

The Unfair Practices Directive in the UK, Experiencing the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, December 2012


Competing Ethics of Consumer Protection, European Consumer Protection conference, Leicester, December 2010

Leicester, United Kingdom, 2010

The Limits of Transparency as a Consumer Protection Tool, Consumer Protection Conference, Leeds, December 2009

Leeds, United Kingdom, 2009

Key Issues in Modernising Unfair Terms and Practices Law, Keynote Address to the Australian Consumer Law Roundtable, Monash University, February 2009

Melbourne, Australia, 2009

Direct Producer Liability, Manchester (Manchester/Munster/European Commission conference on Modernising and Harmonising Consumer Law), January, 2009

Manchester, United Kingdom, 2009

Social Justice in UK Consumer Law, EUI, Florence, November 2008

Florence, Italy, 2008

Unfairness Under the UCPD, Durham, Conceptualising Unconscionability, September, 2008

Durham, United Kingdom, 2008

A New Framework for Services of General Interest, Capetown, April 2007.

Cape Town, South Africa, 2007

Mapping the Relationship Between European Private Law and National Legal Cultures (with E. Bergamini), Helsinki, August 2006

Helsinki, Finland, 2006

The Conceptual Basis of Liability for Services, International Association of Consumer Law, Lima, Peru, May 2005.

Lima, Peru, 2005

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Consumer Contract Law (LW241)

  • Commercial Contract Law (LW242)

  • Final Year Research Project (LW304)

  • Contemporary Issues in Commercial and Business Law (LW663)

Previous supervision

Asam Saud S Alsaiat
Asam Saud S Alsaiat
Thesis title: To What Extent Management Bodies Have Special Privileges in Saudi Administrative Contracts.
Degree subject: Law
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 8/6/2020
Abdulaziz Fahad A Aljohar
Abdulaziz Fahad A Aljohar
Thesis title: Finality of Arbitral Awards: Comparing Approaches in Sharia Law and International Law
Degree subject: Law
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 28/11/2016
Abdullah Nasser Rashid Al Mandhari
Abdullah Nasser Rashid Al Mandhari
Thesis title: Applicable Law and Stabilisation Clauses in State Contracts with Foreign Investors: with Special Reference to the Sultanate of Oman
Degree subject: Law
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 1/10/2014


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Books (1)

Atwood, B., Thompson, K. and Willett, C., (2010). Food Law (3rd edition). Tottel Publishing. 9781847660954

Book chapters (18)

Willett, C., (2019). Regulating Prices and Charges in the UK: Information versus Substance, General Clauses versus Rules Developed by Regulators. In: Control of Price Related Terms in Standard Form Contracts. Editors: Atamer, YM. and Pichonnaz, P., . Springer

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Reports and Papers (1)

Willett, C., (2017). Fitness Check of EU Consumer Law


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4SB.5.14, Colchester Campus

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