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Dr Julie Walsh

Senior Lecturer
Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies
Dr Julie Walsh



I am a writer-researcher and practising psychoanalyst. My work is informed by psychoanalytic, literary, feminist, and queer perspectives. I studied social and political theory at the University of Warwick before turning my attention to psychoanalysis and the emerging field of psychosocial studies. I gained my PhD from the University of Cambridge’s History and Philosophy of Science Department -- this project informed my first academic monograph, Narcissism and Its Discontents (Palgrave, 2014). I have since co-edited two volumes entitled, Narcissism, Melancholia and the Subject of Community (Palgrave, 2017), and Shame and Modern Writing (Routledge, 2018), as well as published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles (details of which can be found below). In parallel with my PhD, I completed a clinical training with the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis (UKCP accredited 2015), and I now maintain a private practice in London. Prior to my appointment at Essex, I held a five-year Global Research Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study, University of Warwick, where I was pursuing a project entitled ‘Test Cases in Shameful Sociability’. I am the co-convener of the British Sociological Association's study group for ‘Sociology, Psychoanalysis and the Psychosocial’; I co-edit the field notes section of Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society (Palgrave Macmillan), and I’m a co-editor of the journal Sitegeist: A Journal of Psychoanalysis and Philosophy. I am currently working on two projects: 1, Face-Work: Investigating the changing role of the face in the therapeutic encounter, 1900 to the present day. 2, Not Mother (a creative-critical writing project that explores what the figure of the ‘not-mother’ may have to offer a world that seems in such dire need of mothering). I joined the Department of Psychoanalytic and Psychosocial Studies as a Lecturer in 2017. I currently hold the positions of Programme Director for the BA in Psychoanalytic Studies, and project lead on the department’s Athena Swan application. I would be interested in hearing from prospective PhD students who feel that their research interests connect well with mine.

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Personality Development (PA218)

  • Psychoanalysis and the Child (PA403)

  • Lacanian psychoanalysis (PA405)

  • Current Debates in Psychosocial Studies (PA407)

  • Reflective Practice (PA409)

  • Placement Year (PA500)

  • Psycho Analytic Theory (PA901)

  • Psychoanalysis and the Psychosocial (PA942)


Journal articles (8)

Walsh, J., Confusing cases: Forrester, Stoller, Agnes, woman. History of the Human Sciences, 095269511989787-095269511989787

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Books (3)

Sheils, B. and Walsh, J., (2018). Shame and modern writing. Routledge. 1351657518. 9781351657525

Sheils, B. and Walsh, J., (2017). Narcissism, Melancholia and the Subject of Community. Springer. 3319638297. 9783319638294

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Book chapters (3)

Walsh, J., 1914: Psychoanalysis and the Narcissistic Wound’, War-time Attachments: Essays on Pain, Care, Retreat and Treatment in the First World War. In: War-time Attachments: Essays on Pain, Care, Retreat and Treatment in the First World War

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Other (5)

Walsh, J., A Conversation with Oliver Sacks

Walsh, J., (2017).becoming a mother: a response. Feminist Review. 117(1),SAGE Publications

Walsh, J., (2015).Dog Fights. London Review of Books: Blog

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Walsh, J., (2015).Letting Go and Holding Tight: A Review. QMUL: The Hisotry of Emotions Blog

Grants and funding


Holding Hands: Experiences of shame, pride and protest among LGBT relationship partners

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