Dr Claire Wicks

Senior Research Officer
School of Health and Social Care
Dr Claire Wicks



Claire completed her PhD in Health Studies at the University of Essex and currently holds research posts in the School of Health and Social Care and School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences. Claire has worked alongside University colleagues to evaluate various nature-based initiatives at local and national level. Research interests: The psychological health benefits of green exercise, nature-based public health interventions, and green social prescribing. Current Projects: Applied Research Collaboration East of England, Mental Health Research Capacity Building: Working with community stakeholders, we aim to identify mental health and care inequalities affecting residents of the East of England. Secondary analysis of the Understanding Society dataset will be used to explore the priority areas identified by stakeholders. This project is funded by the NIHR.


Journal articles (7)

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Book chapters (1)

Wicks, C., Barton, J. and Rogerson, M., (2021). Developing integrated conceptual green exercise models. In: Nature and Health: Physical Activity in Nature. 95- 111. 9780367723323



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