Jimena Vazquez Garcia

Assistant Lecturer
Department of Government
 Jimena Vazquez Garcia



I am a PhD student in the Government Department. Born and raised in Mexico City, I did my MA studies in The University of Chicago before coming to Essex.


  • MA in Political Theory The University of Chicago (2016)

Research and professional activities


The Political Potential of the Care of the Self

My research is trying to achieve a political reading of Foucault's care of the self and the new idea of subjectivity that arises from within. However. to better defend the need for such a reading I am, firstly, trying to achieve a critique of the present day subjection process, which I am situating in what I call "the digital" and in that sense I am using other of Foucault's ideas, mainly surveillance and biopower.

Supervisor: David Howarth

Research interests

Post-Structuralist Political Theory

My overall interest is post-structuralist political theory, particularly concerning the idea of the subject and its formation.



Colchester Campus