Dr Tuba Turan

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Dr Tuba Turan
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    5NW.8.8, Colchester Campus

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Foundations of Human Rights (HU100)

  • Human Rights: Theories and Applications (HU901)

  • Gender, Race, Identity and Human Rights (HU931)

  • Legal Research Skills (LW254)

  • Conflict and the United Nations: the Law related to the Use of Force, Sanctions and Peacekeeping (LW806)

  • International Human Rights Law: Law and Practice (LW901)

  • Academic Skills in International Law (LW949)


Journal articles (2)

Turan, T., (2018). The UN's response to the underlying causes of the Arab Spring before and after the eruption of events: a critical assessment of the UN's pursuit of its core values and purposes. Middle Eastern Studies. 54 (4), 683-705

Turan, T., (2006). War on Terror in the US and UK: An Evaluation with Regard to Civil Liberties. Review of International Law & Politics. 2 (7), 111-126

Books (1)

Turan, T., (2015). Positive Peace in Theory and Practice Strengthening the United Nations's Pre-Conflict Prevention Role. Brill. 9004305610. 9789004305618

Book chapters (2)

Turan, T., (2022). 'Mültecilerin Hukuki Statüsüne İlişkin Sözleşme’nin (Cenevre Sözleşmesi) İçeriği Nedir?. In: 50 Soruda Türkiye’nin Göç Politikaları. Editors: Karakoç, J. and Genç, HD., . Nobel/Altınbaş Üniversitesi Yayınları. 25- 25. 978-625-8174-01-4

Turan, T., (2022). Coğrafi Kısıtlama Nedir ve Türkiye Cenevre Sözleşmesini Nasıl Uygulamaktadır?. In: 50 Soruda Türkiye’nin Göç Politikaları. Editors: Karakoç, J. and Genç, DH., . Altınbaş Üniversitesi Yayınları. 978-625-8174-01-4

+44 (0) 1206 874925


5NW.8.8, Colchester Campus