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Graduate member, British Psychological Society (BPS) Affiliate member, Division of Health Psychologists (DHP)


  • MPhil Health Studies (Scholarship, Essex, 2013)

  • MSc Health Psychology (Scholarship, Southampton, 1999)

  • BSc (1st class hons) Psychology (Portsmouth, 1998)

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice (Essex, 2008)

  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy (HEA, 2008)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Lived experience and self-management of chronic illness

lived experience and self management of asthma

Key words: asthma

Conferences and presentations

Todd J (2009) Becoming 'asthmatic' : A Family Journey, paper presented at the SHHS PG conference, 5th June

SHHS PG conference, United Kingdom, 2009

Todd, J (2008) The Impact and Management of Asthma in the Family, paper presented at the annual IPA conference, University of Sussex, September

Annual IPA conference, Brighton, United Kingdom, 2008

Todd, J (2008) The impact and management of asthma in the family: A qualitative study using IPA, paper presented at the SHHS PG conference, 13th June

SHHS PG conference, United Kingdom, 2008

Todd, J (2007) Theory and Methods: approaches to data analysis - Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, paper presented at the SHHS PG conference 1st June

SHHS PG conference, United Kingdom, 2007

Todd, J; Avery, G; Green, G and Sains, K. (2006) An evaluation of non-medical prescribing within the Essex Health Economy Paper presented at Essex Regional Non-Medical Prescribing Conference, May 23rd

Essex Regional Non-Medical Prescribing Conference, United Kingdom, 2006

Todd, J (2006) Pilot Evaluation of the Sunshine Project. Paper presented at the annual Essex Primary Care Research Network, September


Green, G & Todd, J (2004) Biographical disruption? Comparing social and economic profiles of houses with and without MS. Joint presentation at the annual MS Society Research Conference MS Frontiers (May 10/11th 2004, Birmingham)


Todd, J; Green, G; Harrison, M; Ikuesan, B; Self, C; Baldacchino, A; Pevalin, D (2003) Dual Diagnosis and Social Exclusion. Paper presented at four dual diagnosis conference/workshops organised by local mental health trust.


Todd, J; Green, G; Harrison, M; Ikuesan, B; Self, C; Baldacchino, A; Pevalin, D (2003) Social Exclusion in clients with a dual diagnosis of mental health and substance misuse. Paper presented at Regional Mental Health Research Showcase.


McWhirter, J; Todd, J; Roderick, PJ; Lees, SJ; Speller, V; Ingham, R; Goddard, JG & Warner, JO (2003) Asthma and allergy a shared search for understanding? A report of the Lifestyles and Asthma project AM10/057. For National Asthma Campaign


Todd, J; McWhirter, J & Warner, JO (2001) Practical, Ethical and Research Issues in the NHS: Focus Group Studies. Presentation at 1st South East Public Health Conference: Improving health in partnership, Royal Society, London.


McWhirter, J; Todd, J & Warner, JO Professional beliefs and behaviour with respect to allergen avoidance in asthma management in general practice. Paper presented at the 11th Annual ERS Congress. Sept, 2001, Berlin.


McWhirter, J., McCann, D & Todd, J (2001) Encouraging Asthma Self Management: identification of problem areas for health professionals and teachers. NHS R&D Programme on Asthma Management. The use of self-management in Asthma, 10th July


McWhirter, J; Todd, J. & Warner, JO Managing practical, ethical and research issues in primary care research. Wessex Primary Care Research Network 7th Annual Research Day. May 2001, Southampton.


Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Introduction to Health Psychology (HS215)

  • Developing Critical Appraisal Skills (HS602)

  • Theory and Method in Health Research (HS947)


Journal articles (8)

Green, G. and Todd, J., (2008). 'Restricting choices and limiting independence': social and economic impact of multiple sclerosis upon households by level of disability. Chronic Illness. 4 (3), 160-172

Pevalin, DJ., Taylor, MP. and Todd, J., (2008). The Dynamics of Unhealthy Housing in the UK: A Panel Data Analysis. Housing Studies. 23 (5), 679-695

Todd, JM., (2007). Biographical disruption associated with multiple sclerosis: Using propensity scoring to assess the impact. Social Science & Medicine. 65 (3), 524-535

Avery, G., Todd, J., Green, G. and Sains, K., (2007). Non-medical prescribing: the doctor-nurse relationship revisited. Nurse Prescribing. 5 (3), 109-113

TAYLOR, MARKP., PEVALIN, DAVIDJ. and TODD, JENNIFER., (2007). The psychological costs of unsustainable housing commitments. Psychological Medicine. 37 (7), 1027-1036

Todd, J., Green, G., Pevalin, DJ., Ikuesan, BA., Harrison, M., Self, C. and Baldacchino, A., (2005). Service uptake in a sample of substance misuse and community mental health service clients: A case control study. Journal of Mental Health. 14 (2), 95-107

TODD, J., GREEN, G., HARRISON, M., IKUESAN, BA., SELF, C., BALDACCHINO, A. and SHERWOOD, S., (2004). Defining dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance misuse: some methodological issues. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. 11 (1), 48-54

Todd, J., Green, G., Harrison, M., Ikuesan, BA., Self, C., Pevalin, DJ. and Baldacchino, A., (2004). Social exclusion in clients with comorbid mental health and substance misuse problems. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology. 39 (7), 581-587

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