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  • PhD Trinity College Dublin, (2010)


University of Essex

  • SeNSS Lead for Government, University of Essex (1/9/2019 - present)

  • SeNSS - Politics Pathway Chair, University of Essex (24/10/2019 - present)

  • Director of Communication, Department of Government, University of Essex (1/7/2019 - present)


Journal articles (18)

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Book chapters (2)

Nixon, P., (2013). Politics and the Internet in Comparative Context. In: Politics and the Internet in Comparative Context: Views from the Cloud. Routledge. 75- 94

(2011). How Ireland Voted 2011. In: How Ireland Voted 2011: The Full Story of Ireland's Earthquake Election. Editors: Gallagher, M. and Marsh, M., . Palgrave Macmillan UK. 89- 106. 9780230348820

Conferences (1)

Sudulich, ML., (2007). Irish parties in cyberspace: An analysis of political parties' websites and online campaigning in the context of the 2007 general elections

Reports and Papers (5)

Sudulich, M., Loizides, N., Morgan-Jones, E., Popp, R., Kusku, I. and Psaltis, C., UN Mediations and Peace Settlement Preferences in Cyprus and the Cypriot Transnational Diaspora

Sudulich, M., Trumm, S. and Makropoulos, I., Running uphill: The gender resource gap in comparative perspective

Sudulich, M., Morgan-Johns, E., Popp, R., Loizides, N. and Psaltis, C., Winning the People’s Peace? Grievances, Territory and Credible Commitments in Negotiated Settlements

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Morgan- Jones, E., Cochrane, F., Sudulich, L., Psaltis, C., Popp, R. and Loizides, N., (2024). Incorporating Citizen Preferences into the Design of Effective Peace Settlements

Dataset (4)

Sudulich, M., Berkhout, J., Ruedin, D., Meyer, S., Peintinger, T., Vangoidsenhoven, G., Cunningham, K. and Ros, V., (2013).Political Claims Analysis: Support and Opposition to Migration

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Sudulich, M., Morales, L., Ros, V., Berkhout;, J., Cunningham, K., Peintinger;, T., Ruedin, D., Vangoidsenhoven, G. and Wunderlich, D., (2012).Comparative Data Set of Immigration-Related Statistics 1995-2009

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