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Dr Miroslav Sirota

Department of Psychology
Dr Miroslav Sirota



I obtained my PhD from Comenius University (Slovakia) in 2008. Before moving to the United Kingdom in 2010, I worked as a statistician for research companies and held a teaching fellow position. I did my post-doctoral research at the University of Hertfordshire (2010-11) and King's College London (2011-2014). Before joining our department in 2015 I was a lecturer at Kingston University (2014-15). My lab is part of the Psychological Science Accelerator, an international network of psychological laboratories across the world aiming to conduct large-scale pre-registered studies. I serve as a member of the Study Selection Committee, responsible for the selection of the studies that are going to be run by the network. I contribute to the improvement of psychological science as an Ambassador of the Center for Open Science and as a member of The UK Network of Open Science Working Groups. I also serve on the editorial board of Studia Psychologica and Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. Recent grants 2018-2019 A utility-based signal detection account of severity effect Sirota, M.; role: principal investigator Experimental Psychological Society (£3,500) 2018 - 2019 Rationally irrational: When people don’t correct errors in their reasoning Sirota, M., Juanchich, M.; role: principal investigator British Academy (£9,930) 2016 - 2017 Does error detection equals to error correction in dual process theories? Sirota, M.; role: principal investigator Experimental Psychological Society (£2,500) 2015 -2019 Interventions for prejudice reduction against stigmatized minorities Lasticova et al.; role: co-investigator Slovak Research and Development Agency (£180,593) 2015 -2016 Measuring intuition inhibition without math: Developing a verbal test of cognitive reflection ability Sirota, M., Juanchich, M.; role: principal investigator British Academy (£9,690) 2015 -2018 Optimising the quality of social work decisions in supervision Juanchich, M., Jenkinson, A., Sirota, M., Manthorpe, J.; role: co-investigator National Institute for Health Research (£361,091) 2015-2018 Investigating delays in the detection of early cancers within primary care: an exploration of GPs decision making based on Signal Detection Theory Kostopoulou, O., Sirota, M., Delaney, B., Wang, Y.; role: co-investigator Cancer Research UK (£308,944) 2014-2017 Uncertainty communication and climate changes Teigen, K-H, Juanchich, M., Sirota, M.,role: co-investigator The Research Council of Norway,6,100,000 NOK (£523,420)


  • PhD.

  • MSc.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

In my research, I am trying to understand how people estimate, judge, reason and make decisions in situations of uncertainty and risk, how people perform these processes on their own and in the presence of the others, and how people perform these processes in the lab and in the wild.

My basic research interests include perceptions of verbal probabilities, statistical reasoning, and intuitive and deliberative processing. My applied research interests include uncertainty and risk communication (e.g., climate change communication, communication between patients and doctors), and diagnostic and management decision-making of doctors.

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Statistics for Psychologists (PS115)

  • Decision making science in theory and practice (PS512)

  • Research Management (PS912)

Previous supervision

Kelly Wolfe
Kelly Wolfe
Thesis title: Age Differences in Risk-Taking Behaviour: The Role of Risk Preference and Cognitive Ability.
Degree subject: Psychology
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 1/7/2021
Andriana Theodoropoulou
Andriana Theodoropoulou
Degree subject: Research Methods in Psychology
Degree type: Master of Science
Awarded date: 7/10/2020
Xiaodan Dawn Liu
Xiaodan Dawn Liu
Thesis title: Integrating Dual-Process and Pragmatic Theories for the Processing of Verbal and Numerical Food Quantifiers
Degree subject: Psychology
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 15/1/2020
Alistair Thorpe
Alistair Thorpe
Thesis title: The Role of Information in the Reduction of Clinically Inappropriate Expectations of Antibiotics
Degree subject: Psychology
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 30/10/2019


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