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Dr Christoph Siemroth

Senior Lecturer
Department of Economics
Dr Christoph Siemroth



Joined the department in September 2016.


  • PhD in Economics University of Mannheim, (2016)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Behavioral Economics

Open to supervise

Financial Economics

Open to supervise

Experimental Economics

Open to supervise


Journal articles (8)

Dianat, A. and Siemroth, C., (2021). Improving decisions with market information: an experiment on corporate prediction markets. Experimental Economics. 24 (1), 143-176

Page, L. and Siemroth, C., (2021). How much information is incorporated in financial asset prices? Experimental Evidence. The Review of Financial Studies. 0 (9), 0-0

Siemroth, C., (2021). When can decision makers learn from financial market prices?. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. 53 (6), 1523-1552

Gruener, HP. and Siemroth, C., (2019). Crowdfunding, Efficiency, and Inequality. Journal of the European Economic Association. 17 (5), 1393-1427

Inhoffen, JH., Siemroth, C. and Zahn, P., (2019). Minimum Prices and Social Interactions: Evidence from the German Renewable Energy Program. Energy Economics. 78, 350-364

Siemroth, C., (2019). The Informational Content of Prices When Policy Makers React to Financial Markets. Journal of Economic Theory. 179, 240-274

Gibbs, M., Neckermann, S. and Siemroth, C., (2017). A Field Experiment in Motivating Employee Ideas. The Review of Economics and Statistics. 99 (4), 577-590

Page, L. and Siemroth, C., (2017). An experimental analysis of information acquisition in prediction markets. Games and Economic Behavior. 101 (C), 354-378

Reports and Papers (2)

Gibbs, M., Mengel, F. and Siemroth, C., Work from Home & Productivity: Evidence from Personnel & Analytics Data on it Professionals

Siemroth, C. and Hornuf, L., (2021). Do Retail Investors Value Environmental Impact? A Lab-in-The-Field Experiment with Crowdfunders

Grants and funding


Investor Behaviour in the Age of Fintech: Crowdfunding, Copy Trading and Robo-Advisors

Economic and Social Research Council


Experiments on the effects of trading algorithms on financial markets

Economic and Social Research Council

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