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Elena Sherstoboeva is a media and communication scholar and legal practitioner. Her most recent research and expert projects examine digital speech and privacy regulation in non-Westen contexts from an international legal perspective and other standpoints. Before joining the Essex Law School, she had a joint appointment with the School of Creative Media and School of Law at the City University of Hong Kong. Elena has two Ph.D. degrees from Ramon Llull University in Spain and Moscow State University in Russia. She was a visiting fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Leeds. Since 2011, Elena has collaborated as an independent legal expert with international human rights organisations, such as UNESCO, OSCE and the Council of Europe, and various NGOs, including the BBC World Trust Service. She provided reports and consultations on media, broadcasting and transparency laws and regulations. Elena was a general legal counsel specialising in media and entertainment law and dealmaking issues. She helped celebrities and enterprises negotiate and revise contracts with Universal Companies, Sony Group Corporation, Warner Media and other global entertainment and media companies.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Freedom of expression

Key words: Freedom of expression
Open to supervise

Media Law

Key words: Audiovisual regulation
Open to supervise

Counteracting misinformation

Key words: Disinformation law
Open to supervise

Copyright law

Key words: Copyright law
Open to supervise

Protection of privacy

Key words: Right to privacy
Open to supervise

Conferences and presentations

Russia's Bans on Fake News about the War in Ukraine

Invited presentation, o Roundtable ‘How the conflict in Ukraine could transform global information, communication, and security’, Oxford,, United Kingdom, 26/9/2023

Disinformation and its regulation in Russia: Origins and outcomes for media information

Invited presentation, IAMCR 2023, France, 10/7/2023

The Right to Truthfulness: Counteracting Fake News in Post-Soviet Russia

Invited presentation, IAMCR 2022, IAMCR 2022, Beijing, China, 11/7/2022

'Disinfodemic': Asian responses to “fake news” in times of COVID-19

Invited presentation, 72nd Annual ICA Conference 2022, Paris, France, 29/5/2022

New approach to teaching law to Creative Media and Art students in the digital era

Invited presentation, ALSA Symposium, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 27/4/2021

Artistic freedom in Russia and Ukraine after the Crimea’s Annexation

Invited presentation, 2021 Annual Convention, Storrs, United States, 8/4/2021

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Comparative Media Law and Regulation (LT431)

  • Legal Research (LW360)

  • Media Law (LT133)

  • Advanced Media Law and Ethics (LT237)


Journal articles (5)

Sherstoboeva, E., (2024). Russian Bans on 'Fake News' about the War in Ukraine: Conditional Truth and Unconditional Loyalty. The International Communication Gazette. 86 (1), 36-54

Sherstoboeva, E. and Pavlenko, V., (2021). Trends in East Asian policies on digital surveillance tools during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Digital Media & Policy. 12 (1), 47-65

Sherstoboeva, E., (2019). Audiovisual Regulation in Russia in the Context of Council of Europe Standards. Review of Central and East European Law. 44 (3), 366-405

Kiriya, I. and Sherstoboeva, E., (2015). Russian media piracy in the context of censoring practices. International Journal of Communication. 9 (1), 839-851

Sherstoboeva, E., (2014). Media Law Reform in Post-Soviet Turkmenistan The Illusion of Democratization. PROBLEMS OF POST-COMMUNISM. 61 (5), 32-45

Books (1)

(2017). Speech and Society in Turbulent Times. Cambridge University Press. 9781107190122

Book chapters (2)

Sherstoboeva, E., (2020). Regulation of Online Freedom of Expression in Russia in the Context of the Council of Europe Standards. In: Internet in Russia. Springer International Publishing. 83- 100. 9783030330156

Sherstoboeva, E., (2017). The evolution of a Russian concept of free speech. In: Speech and Society in Turbulent Times: Freedom of Expression in Comparative Perspective. 213- 234. 9781107190122

Conferences (1)

Sherstoboeva, E. and Pavlenko, V., (2018). Freedom of Expression and Regulation of Extremism in Russia in the Context of the Council of Europe Standards

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