Dr Ravi Shekhar

School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
Dr Ravi Shekhar



I am a Lecturer at the University of Essex. Before that, I was a post-doctoral researcher at the Queen Mary University of London, working with Professor Matthew Purver on the EMBEDDIA and SoDeStream projects. I obtained a Ph.D. at DISI, the University of Trento. I was supervised by Dr. Raffaella Bernardi, University of Trento, and co-supervised by Prof. Raquel Fernández, University of Amsterdam. My research interests include Natural Language Processing, Cross-Lingual Representation, Language and Vision Interaction, and Social Media Analysis.


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  • Ph.D. University of Trento, (2019)


University of Essex

  • Lecturer in Natural Language Processing, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex (1/2023 - present)

Other academic

  • Post-Doctoral Researcher, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London (6/2019 - 1/2023)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Multi-model NLP

Open to supervise

Conversation AI

Open to supervise

Social Media Analysis

Open to supervise

Cross-Lingual Representation

Open to supervise

Social Media Analysis

Open to supervise

Assessing and mitigating online harms

Open to supervise

NLP for social media

Open to supervise

Abusive language detection

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Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Text Analytics (CE807)


Journal articles (3)

Shekhar, R., Pranjić, M., Pollak, S., Pelicon, A. and Purver, M., Automating News Comment Moderation with Limited Resources: Benchmarking in Croatian and Estonian. Journal for Language Technology and Computational Linguistics. 34 (1), 49-79

Ranathunga, S., Lee, E-SA., Prifti Skenduli, M., Shekhar, R., Alam, M. and Kaur, R., (2023). Neural Machine Translation for Low-resource Languages: A Survey. ACM Computing Surveys. 55 (11), 1-37

Pelicon, A., Shekhar, R., Škrlj, B., Purver, M. and Pollak, S., (2021). Investigating cross-lingual training for offensive language detection. PeerJ Computer Science. 7, e559-e559

Conferences (16)

Shekhar, R., Karan, M. and Purver, M., CoRAL: a Context-aware Croatian Abusive Language Dataset

Healey, P., Khare, P., Castro, I., Tyson, G., Karan, M., Shekhar, R., McQuistin, S., Perkins, C. and Purver, M., Power and Vulnerability: Managing Sensitive Language in Organisational Communication

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